Thanks to the magic of syndication, we can revisit Living Single any night we want. Thanks to cable networks like TV One and Oxygen, we get to see a pre-jazz-singing Queen Latifah play den mother to her friends, while pullin’ a crazy number of fine men, from Morris Chestnut to Grant Hill. We can laugh at Max’s callousness to Kyle and her bottomless moocher-y appetite. We can smile at Sinclaire’s wackiness and side-eye Regine’s bourgie demeanor.

Living Single was among the first sitcoms of its kind. Its premise was simple: chronicle the life and times of upwardly mobile blacks in their late 20s. No weird gimmicks, no project backdrop, no big scandals or dramatic family secrets. In a reunion, the stars called it a precursor to NBC’s mega-hit Friends, and lamented that it never won the same level of acclaim.

Even so, among black viewers, Living Single has always been revered and is still considered a classic. Many believe it’s aged surprisingly well in the 15 years since it first aired–and its four main women characters remain accessible today.

So are you a Khadijah, Sinclaire, Max, or Regine? Take this quiz to find out.

1. How would you describe your friends?
A. They’re great unless you need time to yourself. Then they’re nosiy and clingy and you wish you could get rid of ’em for a full 24 hours every now and again.
B. They’re giant rays of sunshine.
C. I love them, but I’d drop ’em like a bad habit for richer, higher class acquaintances.
D. They all need help, if you ask me–but they do keep a stocked fridge so I’ll keep ’em around.

2. A friend needs money. Do you loan it?
A. Please. I barely have enough for myself–but they could work for it. I believe in the barter system.
B. Of course! How much does she need?!
C. I’m too fabulous to associate with people who need to “borrow” money….
D. My friends are too proud to ask. So I’d disguise it as an anonymous gift. Or charge interest, like a bank would.

3. Do you like clubbing?
A. Only if the music is tight and the men are on point.
B. I can’t dance, but sure! I’m always game for a good time.
C. Are you kidding?! The more exclusive the club, the better. I LOVE being the center of attention.
D. No! I’m a gold-tooth magnet and who can get her groove on when she’s being harassed by Flava Flav lookalikes?

4. Your dream guy is _________.
A. A best friend who gradually becomes a lover.
B. A down-home, blue-collar type with as many idiosyncratic interests and values as I have
C. A billionaire
D. Someone I love to hate. I thrive on the contrast.

5. Are you close to your mother?
A. She’s my best friend.
B. She’s GREAT, though my friends always thought she was a bit strange.
C. If I weren’t so embarrassed by her and if she’d deign to let me style her, rather than rockin’ lime green polyester on holidays, I might be.
D. No. Ever since she missed my performance of as the Rat King in elementary school, our rapport has been nil.

6. How do you handle break-ups?
A. I throw myself into my work.
B. I’ve had so few, I really don’t know.
C. Block your number and call him at 3 am for a week. Order something deliciously expensive from Neiman’s and charge it to his business account. Invest in several new wigs and get right back out there.
D. I pretend I never loved the man and spit out an insult than goes for the jugular.

7. How do you comfort others?
A. I give them practical advice and don’t let them wallow.
B. I let them borrow one of my many good luck talismans. I also “woo woo woo” them. A lot.
C. I suggest a shopping spree–on their dime, of course.
D. … “Comfort?”

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