From The Grio — Ever since the McCain-Palin ticket got shellacked in 2008, some conservatives haven’t merely wanted to unseat President Barack Obama — in 2012, they want to annihilate him.

Which to some means playing up Obama’s ties with his former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. As Crystal Wright of the Conservative Black Chick blog told Fox News’ Gretchen Carlson Friday, Romney shouldn’t pass up any chance to “remind the American people what kind of character” Obama embodied as a member of Wright’s congregation.

And according to a New York Times report Thursday, the Ending Spending Action Fund — a Super PAC funded by billionaire Joe Ricketts — recently considered a proposal to revive the Wright controversy as a strategy to rebut Obama’s image as a “metrosexual, black Abe Lincoln”, but abandoned it, as the Fund’s president Brian Baker said Friday, after concluding that “the world is full of bad ideas” and “this was one of them.”


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But even if they’d wanted to run with the Wright issue, they’ve got another problem: Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, doesn’t want to go there, and distanced himself from any potential ad campaign about Wright by telling reporters that “I want to make it very clear that I repudiate that effort.”

Translation: he’s actually trying to win this thing.

Focusing on Wright is a political loser for Romney, who has presented himself to voters as a no-nonsense businessman; the Wright controversy only distracts from that message, even if that attitude might not be enough for Romney to satisfy the anti-Obama caucus.

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  • pink

    Overall my impression of Romney is that he’s a phoney, and being pulled along by his necktie by his million dollar supporters. Flip Flopper!! I don’t believe anything he saids. And if he is by chance elected…..he can’t fix the economy any faster than President Obama, or anyone else can

  • Val

    Mittens doesn’t want to go there because he doesn’t want anyone shining the light on that crazy bootleg racist religion he follows. Until the mid-1970’s Mormons preached that Black people were cursed by god. And that’s just the tip of the craziness iceberg.

    • Dalili

      Which explains why he doesn’t want to be remotely associated with anything religious, not with Mormon tenets being what they are, they would make Rev. Wright look like the arch angel Micheal.

      Side note: No one seemed more upset with that decision than Hannity, he was literally frothing at the mouth on his show. LOL!

  • All I know is that in November, which will be my first time voting…I’m definitely not voting for no Mormon! lol…knowing how they feel about people that look like me. smh

    • what do you “look ike”?

  • Since when has honesty been a crime? Peopl are so brainashed with rude mistruths… vote for a man because of skin col

  • Voting seems like a pointless venture this year. I think I might abstain. Obama hasn’t been a stellar President, yet Romney is like the tin man with less personality and less brains than the Scarecrow.