“Do not waste precious time on your faults. Change those faults by seeing them disappear. See the positive images instead. Only think about the fault once; then cross it out and see the image of the “new” YOU. Every minute, every hour, visualize the way you want to be. Get excited about the new YOU.” – Thomas D. Willhite

It’s easy to wallow in our faults and failures. After all, many of us allow the fear of failure to rule our lives and dictate our choices. But don’t be afraid to take a chance and fail. Failure teaches us about ourselves and can serve as a valuable lesson on what we need to work on to get things right.

But here’s the thing. You can’t get down on yourself for failing, you have to embrace it, learn from it and move on. Quickly. Instead of being consumed by what’s gone wrong in your life, treat each new day as an opportunity to do better.

Happy Monday!

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