“Each of us has a fire in our hearts for something. It’s our goal in life to find it and to keep it lit.”-Mary Lou Retton

What turns you on? Not just in that way, but in every way? What are you passionate about? What do you loooove more than anything in the world?

Having a hard time thinking of something? It’s time to light your fire.

I used to go through life on autopilot. My temper very even, my demeanor extremely laid back, and my passion for things hovering right around a low simmer. I chalked it up to being from California, we are  a bit more relaxed, but something else was going on: I was living a lackluster life.

Instead of having really memorable experiences, my reactions were always dulled, my responses to most things was always controlled because I felt I need to present a certain image: cool, calm, collected at all times. Never mind that wasn’t how I really was at every single moment, I was living my life in such a way that never really ignited my fire. I worked a job that was draining all of my energy, I responded to my son in less than enthusiastic ways, and my relationship wasn’t giving me the spark (or anything) I needed.

But when I finally decided to stop simply sleep-walking through life, amazing things began happen. I switched jobs, met some awesome people, and put a few stamps in my passport. I started actually living and what I’ve noticed is that being on fire is 1000 times better than just getting by.

As we move into a long weekend, consider trying things that feed your passion. Do you love the water? Get on a jet ski! Want to write a novel? Start one! Love cooking? Make your family a delicious meal! Whatever it is…just do it. And soon you’ll see you’ll be craving more opportunities to live a more passionate life.

Have a good weekend, Clutchettes. Happy Friday!

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