“I see y’all on Instagram trying to get chose,” it was a social media moment that made me laugh. I laughed so hard at my homeboy because I instantly got a vision of women using the app as another way to show off their “wifeable” qualities. Online, you are who you say you are. I wondered if people were dropping one-liners about days at the museum, Pic Stitching photos in high heels, playing with children, working out, cooking, or playing with children all in an effort to get a mate.

The ability to create a persona is damn near scary. The people, places, and things that are revealed can position you as the person with the awesome job, the jetsetter, Ms. VIP at your favorite club, etc. When folks talk about the creation of Twitter and Facebook personalities, it’s usually questioning if a person’s life is as entertaining as they tweet it to be. But maybe the more folks have unlocked accounts to prove how Clair Huxtable they can be and lock something down.

Half joking and lightweight judging aside, it is more acceptable to meet people online.
Dating experts have suggested that single folks utilize their social networks as their dating network. I know couples that have met on Facebook and Twitter. I’m sure the day will come when there is a couple in my circle that met on Instagram because “her photos were beautiful even without the filter.” But, none of the couples were actively searching for the one on these networks.

Are you thinking about social media as online dating? Are you using your social media profiles and posts to prove how datable you are?

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  • HAHAHA! at using my comments to find a date. where they do that at?! As is, my comments are kray and I don’t think that they would land me a date.

    If I want to find a date, I know where to find him.

  • Natsuka (Summer Child)

    I definitely do not think of social media as online dating. Neither do I use social media profiles and posts to prove how datable I am.

    Most social networking sites are merely used to show off one’s life. Multiple pictures of a person’s body, material possessions, and poor grammar leaves a lot to be desired. Actually, when I think about it, it appears that people are showing how datable they are not.

  • Tameeka M.

    Folks are definitely living their *edited* life to the fullest on social networks. Everything is jet setting vacation, fab outfits, bottle service, once some folks enter the online realm. Leaving behind the reality of their back-breaking mortgage payments, overdue medical bills, dwindling savings accounts, and wardrobes from last year.

    I think most people online are posting the best sides of their lives. But in the dating world, especially the beginning stages, whether online or not, folks are their representative. Usually not surfacing in their truest forms until months or sometimes even years later.

    Technology is our current and future mode of communication and dating is tough. So more power to the folks that want to tweet or instagram, a pic of their lastest culinary creation, hoping to find a fellow foodie to fall in love with.