By a certain age, you get used to people asking about your timeline. They want to know about your career the family you plan on raising. But how often does your role as your parents’ caretaker become the topic of conversation?

When you’ve gone off to college, relocated for your dream job, or built a base away from your parents, at what point do you start planning your return? I have a number of friends who are actively including their parents in their life planning. For some, there’s the desire to raise kids with grandparents. For others, there’s a need be around when the parents health begins to fail. And in some cases it’s just about feeling more like a family and building a sense of community.

When you plan for your future, are you actively considering your parents? Are you more concerned with being around them or providing for them financially?

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  • My life changed overnight and has not been what I THOUGHT it would be like at this age since. The unfortunate truth is that I’d never really had so much as a fleeting thought about caring for anyone other than my children and someday in the very distance future, possibly my husband. However; in 1996 my mother, who had been assisting my grandmother care for my grandfather, an Alzheimer’s patient, suffered a stroke. In a matter of hours I became the caregiver for mom and my granddad; and took over mom’s role in helping my grandmother with running her personal and business affairs. Fortunately, Nana was vibrant, upbeat and above all healthy from that time until she took a sudden decline in health in 2005 at age 90. God has given me, my two daughters who were school aged when all this began but are now adults, and my husband the strength, courage and resources to care for these precious sweethearts. Mom is still with us and I marvel at her daily. Whatever her frail body and sharp mind allow her to do for herself, she does. To God be the Glory!

  • Candy 1

    I am the youngest in my family and the least financially stable (although my financial position is not bad, but my siblings are in much better places financially), so my older sister or brother would probably take care of my parents should they need financial assistance. I would be able to help with physical care like doctors appointments, feeding, and so on. I hope to God my parents never need that level of care, though.

    I do include my parents in my life as far as my children are concerned because I want them to have a close relationship with their grandparents. I feel like family is very important. We have to do what is best for our household, so should the need to move far away arise, then I’d do what I had to do to survive.