In the illustrious words of Kanye West, network TV doesn’t care about black people. Thankfully, many of us are taking to the web to share our own stories and offer content that is not only inspiring, but also entertaining.

Last September I highlighted 5 YouTubers we love, and now I’m back for a re-up.   Over the last year we’ve fallen in love with web series like The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, the Couple, the Number, the Unwritten Rules, and Venus vs. Mars, but there is more to web entertainment than scripted shows. From vloggers to lifestyle and comedy shows, the web is exploding with content produced by people who look like us. So while many wonder when Hollywood will producer another Think Like A Man or who will be the next Oprah, take a look at three people inspiring, entertaining, and educating the world right now.

Kid Fury

If you’re looking for entertaining commentary about celebs, politics, and pop culture Kid Fury has you covered. Although his videos lack special effects, slick graphics, or other tech tricks, what Kid Fury does have is a keen ability to hilariously comment on the happenings of the world. If you’re in need of a laugh (and a healthy dose of shade), you can’t go wrong with one of Kid Fury’s vids.

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  • ruggie

    Love me some Skorpion Show!! For comedy, PattiLaHelle hands down. Fave natural hair care AfricanExport. Funniest pet clips SteveCash83.

  • jaylee

    Yey!! my girl! I love Ariana been watching her she is truely amazing, I think she has that essence of the next Oprah. She is very upstanding and i support her work and what she has to offer for a positive in society.

    Taren on the otherhand is a big no no for me. She made that response video of ‘Are single mothers damaged goods’ and she was not equipped to commment on that one.
    Who I follow is also mirrors myself in some way or the other. I don’t support or will accept having kids before marriage as the norm. Taren has 3 kids, not married not even once and that just shows poor judgement in her. I also read on another website that she was a jump off of some guy in the energy business she used to be in 2yrs ago and she was hounding him down so much he had to change his number.
    Major, major no no. Then when people were commmenting on her video she disabled the comment box in disagreeance to what people were saying about her.
    When she did that I was done. Now she is giving relationship advice? What the hell is this world coming to?

    I’ll stick to my girl Ariana she has class and has great potential for the future.