Finally, after making its debut in the UK, and various parts of Europe, the countdown begins in the US. On Friday, June 8, Prometheus will be playing at a theater near you and will most likely blow the box office wide open. It just ought to, being as though it took in the neighborhood of $130 mill to create.

Unless you pay these things no mind, Prometheus’ marketing campaign has truly been relentless – and on point – showing just enough of the slick, high-budget futuristic adventure (and equally appealing cast) to sow the collective seeds of wonder. Sci-Fi and fantasy connoisseurs need no convincing, since most of us put Prometheus on our ‘must watch’ list back in 2011. Folks on the fence, this one’s for you. Dig the following rationale for checking for this on the big screen:


1. Outside of Blade Runner (1982) and Legend (1985), Prometheus is Ridley Scott’s first big-budget sci-fi epic since Alien (1979). As a matter of fact, Prometheus was originally envisioned to be a prequel to the Alien franchise, until Scott decided to give it a trajectory of its own. This 30+ year gap has put sci-fi/fantasy headz in a state of eager anticipation: With the astronomic leaps in special effects technology, will Scott’s latest effort measure up to the industry standard he himself set with Alien over three decades ago?

2. It’s in 3D; the entire film was shot with 3D cameras. One member of the crew claimed that Scott & company have done things with the multi-dimensional technology that have yet to be attempted in a film. Intrigued?

3. Prometheus has a pretty impressive cast, including some of the hottest talent of the Hollywood variety. Idris Elba is probably the finest example (both literally and figuratively) of the stellar cast of the film. Elba plays Janek, the ship’s captain. He’s the take no sh*t realist of the bunch with the combined vibe of a of longshoreman, sailor and a soldier. Fingers crossed he survives – at least more than half way through the movie…

4. Another nice piece of eye candy is young Magneto, a.k.a., Michael Fassbender (have you seen his nude scenes in Shame – yowza?!?!) who plays David, the humanoid programmed to protect the crew of Prometheus

5. Still not convinced? Well, so far the film has received good reviews. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 74% based on the reviews of 85 critics. Also Metacritic gave Prometheus a score of 66 out of 100 from 20 critics.


Prometheus debuts tomorrow, Friday June 8. Think you’ll be lining up to check it out?

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