Wardrobe malfunctions aren’t the only things making the news anymore. If you even almost slip the world a peak, people are talking about you. We may not have as much pressure as celebs to avoid a nip slip or some other clothing accident but that doesn’t mean we feel any less embarrassed when it happens. It really only takes a few items to prevent or mend a wardrobe malfunction so if you’re not already carrying these handy items around, yet you plan on wearing something that could leave you revealing more to the world than you bargained for, add these items to your handbag arsenal.

Safety pins

Safety pins are magical. They can keep a button on a coat, replace a hook on a bra, tighten shoulder straps, prevent a shirt from flying open, hold your skirt around your waist, mend a falling hem, there’s virtually no end to the possibilities. But if you’ve ever needed a last-minute fashion fix you already know that. Whenever you’ve got a sudden problem and the right size safety pin, the issue can be fixed.

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