Some book purists accuse those of us who have adopted e-reading technology of maybe not loving the written word enough. If they do not say it directly, they imply it by their haughty monologues about how they really love reading–far too much to do it using some cold and sterile machine. They love the feel of books…they love the look of books…they love the smell of books (Oh, how they wax on about book smell!)…they love the taste of books…they love to roll their bodies in piles of books…I exaggerate some, but not much.

Anyway, if you’re among the folks who get off on “ a grassy note with a tang of acids and a hint of vanilla, over an underlying mustiness”–a smell created by a mix of volatile organic compounds–you’re in luck. Thanks to Wallpaper magazine in collaboration with Geza Schoen, Gerhard Steidl and Karl Lagerfeld, you can smell like your beloved book collection with a spritz of the new perfume, Paper Passion. Unfortunately, smelling like The Great Gatsby doesn’t come cheap. You’re going to have to drop $115 for the privilege.

Paper Passion is getting a lot of shine around the Internet lately, but there is an overlooked option for those of us on a budget. Demeter Fragrance, purveyor of unique scents, such as Laundromat, Vanilla Cake Batter, Salt Air, Cannabis Flower, and…this one I’m a little concerned about…Sex on the Beach, also has a book-themed perfume that you can snag for as little as $6. I’m not crazy about reeking of weed or sex and surf, but I do love books, so I decided to give Demeter’s Paperback a try.

Paperback smells as advertised, “sweet and just a touch musty,” and that, it turns out, is surprisingly good. The scent is clean and light–a perfect everyday scent. I like it.

Of course, Coco Chanel once said that a woman should wear fragrance whenever she expects to be kissed. So, what does the guy who kisses me on the daily think? He likes books. Will the smell of Paperback make my husband want to explore my Dewey Decimal System or (insert racy book-related word play here.)? This morning, I sashayed past my husband, the scent of Paperback trailing in my wake.

“You smell like cream soda.”

Well, hey, he likes cream soda. So, score!”

Anyone else with plans to try Paper Passion or Paperback?

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