From The Black Snob — Vh-1’s Basketball Wives wrapped its fourth season this spring and it was a boozy haze of fights, bullying, more fights, more bullying, pettiness and finally Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada (who used to not care all that much for each other) coming together to form Rage Wonder Twins all over Tahiti. So, naturally, the reunion had to be about “Hey, we’re not bullies in stilettos! Look! We’re all going to sit here and pretend to be normal. We’re normal. Look, NORMAL! Tee-hee!”

Hahahahaha. No, girl. Y’all not normal.

You had Evelyn Lozada this season trying to commit attempted homicide with a wine bottle over yet another person accusing her of being “loose.” (I mean, is she going to swing on all of the Internet too? The Internet says the same thing. Does Al Gore need to watch his back?) You had Evelyn and her ex-bestie Jennifer Williams fight over Twitter statuses and blog posts. And people leapt on tables. And people slapped people. But all that would have probably been forgiven since everyone involved in these rowdy-bouts seemed to be about on the same screwed up level.

In fact, I’m pretty sure the protests over this season would have been a bit more muted, even with wine bottle assassination attempts, if that whole thing with Kesha Nichols and Tami hadn’t happened.


Say what you will about Jennifer and husband stabber Kenya Bell (who Evelyn tried to murder), they at least seemed to understand what they signed up for. That Kesha/Tami thing is what happens when an only passively catty person finds out her bitchiness has limits and those limits don’t involve adhering “prison rules” outside of a prison setting.

For the first time, the bad behavior became painful to watch as you had someone who OBVIOUSLY didn’t want to engage and wanted this to go back to “real world” rules where when someone is intimidating and threatening you, you call the authorities. In the real world, at a posh resort with all these people watching, someone would have made an attempt to defuse the situation. Someone would have intervened because they didn’t want Tami to go to jail or didn’t want Kesha to be hurt or that they just wanted the damn yelling to stop. Order would be restored and all would calm down as what the fight was over — in the real world — is not a big deal. Especially not one worth going “primal rage” over.

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