If you’re newly engaged and in the market for a wedding band for your husband-to-be, you may want to consider this brand new titanium option from TheCheeky.com. For just $550, you can purchase a symbol of your lifetime commitment that carries a bit of additional fidelity insurance. See, inside this band the words “I’m married” are embossed. If your beau ever gets the notion to remove his wedding band at a bar or the club, the written imprint on his finger will tell on him.

At this point, you’re probably thinking one of the following: “That’s genius! Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier?” or “Wait a sec. If I have to go to all that trouble to deter him from cheating, maybe we don’t need to be getting married.”

The latter is probably the best train of thought to ride here. A ring like this seems embarrassing for all involved. If you pick it, as the fiancée, you’re likely to be viewed as insecure or as casting doubt on the honesty of your potential groom’s intentions. If you agree to wear it, as the groom, you’re validating the idea that your infidelity is a possibility.

Either way, it says something about our culture, when a ring like this hits the market. Is it the beginning of a trend? Will we go higher tech next time and invent a ring with that shocks cheaters with electrodes or explodes a pocket of indelible blue ink on the unfaithful dude (a la department store anti-theft devices)? I mean, inquiring minds want to know ….

What do you guys think? Ingenious or idiotic? 

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