From Frugivore — We all work out for different reasons. Some of us for health, some of us for beauty and some of us for the wrong reasons. There’s no doubt that we are a media influenced society. Everything from where we live, the words we speak, what we buy and the way we dress comes from some form of media. One aspect of our lives that media heavily influences is beauty, and in a big way.

The “standard” of beauty we are to live by shows up in our television shows, music videos, and movies, and judging by what’s shown on all these mediums, men — more specifically black men — have a very specific standard. They like ‘em with a tiny waist, thick thighs, and huge … assets, among other things.

It’s these images and qualifications have many women flocking to the gym in hopes of creating the Nicki Minaj’s surgically-enhanced shape, a figure that many black men are currently drooling over. They spend hours working out their legs, butts, and abs in an effort to meet what they think will make them desirable to this certain segment of men. Some of these women forgo their chest, back, shoulders, and arms in the gym, overtraining their hind parts in an effort to make themselves appealing to men who clearly see them as objects first, humans second.

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  • Chloe

    Eh..this article is ridiculous.

    You should work out to be a healthier you, who cares what a black man’s ideal body type is.

  • gwan gyal

    I think ppl forget about the photoshop aspect of pictures. There is a site showing altered images next to altered ones…a lot of the women have love handles that have been erased to make the butt look bigger…oh like the girl above..her butt may be made to look slightly plumper…or the back curve is made to appear deeper.

    I work out a lot…I think I’m addicted to the high that I get. I do it b/c it makes me feel healthy and strong. I’ve actually always had a bigger lower half but it is changing due to running more. I recently caught my reflection while doing a plank and got scared when I saw that my but looked a bit flat…lol…it was position though that got to my head. I didn’t know that I cared about butts until that moment. Needless to say, I have added more squats to my regimen.

    I think that the body mindset varies based on the body that you have/had during your teen years. Since my behind has always been big, I’ve always wanted to make it smaller to avoid the male attention and fit into pants better (especially dress slacks…lol! those are hella hard to fit properly when you have a donk…I used to had those whiskers)

    Whereas, I think someone who grew up as a beanpole will focus more on getting a bigger butt…now women that are really heavy and say that they dont want to lose their butt…hmm..it sounds like they are using the butt thing as an excuse not to lose weight…to each their own.