Jackson Five music is magic–at least it was for high school senior Lawrence Yong, who found himself waitlisted at the University of Michigan last month.

Yong realized the odds were stacked against him, as only 43 of the 14,600 students waitlisted last year were selected for admission. To distinguish himself, he rewrote customized lyrics to the Jackson 5 classic, “I Want You Back” and uploaded his performance to YouTube.

Yong, a Los Angeles resident, told AnnArbor.com:

“In all honesty I only expected it to get maybe 100 or 200 views. Maybe from a couple of my school friends and then some people at church. It was really incredible. I am not entirely sure how it spread so quickly but that’s exactly what happened.”

His going the extra mile worked: he received an admission letter on June 6. As a bonus, his video went viral. Currently, over 43,000 viewers have watched his heartfelt (if pitchy) karaoke college admission plea.

Check it out here:

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