When news first broke that Laker superstar Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa were calling it quit after a decade of marriage, folks had a lot to say. And after a few of the sordid details of Kobe’s multiple (about 150) affairs and the estimate of Vanessa’s divorce settlement (north of $100 million) leaked, people really started to talk.

But while some were calling him stupid for not having a pre-nup and dubbing her the ultimate smart basketball wife, the pair quietly dissolved their marriage in what seemed the be the least dramatic public divorce in some time. Now, as everything is almost final and they’ve separated their assets, the pair seem to be trying to get that old thing back.

Last Valentine’s Day the pair were seen smooching after a Lakers game, and recently, they were spotted at the Happiest Place on Earth (Disneyland) with their daughters looking like any other happy family.

According to TMZ, Vanessa and Kobe are giving their marriage another try, but this time, they’re taking it slow.

TMZ reports:

Vanessa Bryant will NOT sign documents to make her divorce final … at least for now … because TMZ has learned, she and Kobe are working on a full reconciliation. 

We’ve learned Kobe and Vanessa are trying to work out the issues that caused her to file for divorce back in December. They spend a lot of time together but he has not officially moved back in with her.  

Under California law, Vanessa has to wait 6 months before she can file final docs making the divorce official. The 6-month mark hits this weekend, so Vanessa could end the marriage as early as Monday … but we know she won’t.

Now here’s the deal. We’re told Kobe and Vanessa have had their ups and downs since she filed for divorce … and there’s nothing stopping her from filing final divorce papers at some point in the future if things don’t work out.

While it’s unsure whether or not Kobe and Vanessa will be able to patch things up, the fact that they’ve had a pretty amicable split seems to have helped things along. If nothing else, they show that divorcing couples don’t have to be nasty to each other, but can treat one another with kindness, which might lead them to what they ultimately wanted in the first place: a solid marriage.

What do you think? If you were in their shoes, would you get back together with your ex-spouse? 

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