If you’re anything like me, when the sweatpants and boots came off this year you looked at your legs and feet like, um, where’s the melanin?

Once the sun is out, we don’t have time to wait until we can spend a day at the beach or go on an Island vacation to get a nice bronze glow. Yes, black girls tan but we don’t do tanning beds, which is why we love the bronzing lotions and products that are on the market to give us the summer color we want without exposure to too many sun rays. The thing people like about tans is that it evens out your skin tone and gives a gorgeous sunkissed glow that sometimes makes you skip the makeup all together and rock what you’ve got. If you’re ready for a little dewey color now, check out these products that will get you there quick.


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  • Cha Cha

    I have never used one, and I don’t know if I would. I mean, I’m already dark skinned, like Gabrielle Union. I do have uneven color due to chicken pox as a child and body acne that I had as a teen, and I wonder if a self-tanner could help mask that a little bit. Other than that, I don’t know if there would be a point. I already have a tan and it is barely June. I like the way my face tans, but I wish it would help the dark spots…

  • omfg

    if you want glowing skin, exercise, stop eating junk, drink lots of water, eliminate all sugary and high caffeine drinks, eat vegetables and fruits, and get on a good consistent skincare regimen.

  • I’ll have whatever the chick in that photo is having. ALL OF IT.

  • tiff

    I suffer from skin issues and have pigmentation frpm scars. I don’t have time to lay out in the sun for hours each day so I self tan. It works wonders. I use Jergens express glow but it leaves me a wee bit orangy. I’m going to try the clarins.

  • Iselee

    I am dark skinned (a little darker than Kelly Rowland), my chest area tends to be lighter than my face and arms and i use jergens self tanner to achieve evenness. When I apply it to my legs and other parts it doesn’t quite darken them so much as it deepens the color and gives me a glow. I love self-tanners.