Carol’s Daughter is finally starting to roll out products for the transitioning movement it announced a while back and the first release from the line is a new Transitioning 1-2-3 kit specifically designed to help women who are moving from relaxed to natural hair.

The three parts of the kit are:

  1. A purifying low-lather cleanser designed to remove product buildup. According to how-to tips in a review by Christina Brown of, this is not a moisturizing shampoo; it is specifically designed to clarify your strands and strip them of product which is why you’ll need to the other pieces of the line to fully reap the benefits for your hair.
  2. Step 2 is a renewing scalp spray that you place on wet hair to clarify and exfoliate your scalp. You should part your hair every 1/2 inch and spray the product about four inches from your scalp; when your whole head is saturated, massage for 1 minute then let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing. This product is particularly useful if you have protective styles like kinky twists or braids where you can’t wash your entire head because it will at least remove product buildup at the roots.
  3. The final step is a restoring anti-breakage treatment which any transitioner can tell you is crucial. You should leave this product on your head for 15 minutes like a deep conditioner and then rinse.

According to independent study results on the website, 93% of women who tried the new kit said they experienced less shedding and had a healthier scalp and softer Strands. Beyond Christina Brown’s written review, Mae from also did a video review you can check out below.

What do you think about this new kit?

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  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    I know it’s “low lather” but ,why sulfates at all? I’ll pass, the CD products I’ve tried in the past were disappointing. I don’t think hair in the process of transitioning needs to be stripped, its at its most vulnerable, and that’s when hydration is key. Just don’t use as much product and stick with natural oils.

  • Tia

    CD is really milking this whole natural craze.IMO you don’t need a kit to transition…I wish she would spend more time improving her products instead of that.

    • Courtney

      yes. a lot of companies are… and will continue to, unfortunately, with black hair being a billion dollar industry.

  • minna k.

    Mae is the sweetest. She always give positive reviews for everything she tries. But I don’t believe she is being honest about her results here. :(

    • Nic

      I don’t think it is deliberate, but how could she really give an “honest” review about how a “transitioning kit” works when her hair has been 100% natural for 3 years.

      I couldn’t comment on how well it works for someone who got their last relaxer 3 months ago for the same reason that I think her review is unintentionally bogus. I would tell anyone who is trying to grow out a relaxer that unless your relaxed hair texture and natural hair are similar in texture, handling them is much different and frankly harder than having all one texture of hair. Cutting off my ends was like night and day. Suddenly my hair was easy to comb and style (and it was NOT short when I got the relaxed tips cut off). Now, if you have straighter or wavier hair, it won’t be as hard to keep both textures.

      Plus, all of this stuff is unneccesary and you could buy what you need without putting all of that money in Lisa’s pocket. A trip to Trader Joes and even Whole Foods could get you the same products in larger quantities for a lot less.