I’m personally super excited about this for a good reason. After convincing myself to splurge on Minx nails last winter, I went to a salon near my neighborhood, picked out a design I fell in love with, and then had the nail tech come back and tell me she was all out of that option and I’d have to go with something else. I was not happy, but thanks to a new customizable option from Minx, I can create my own design and have it shipped to a stylist next time I want to get fancy with my nails.

Now there is one huge caveat to this option, and that’s that it’s a tad expensive. The only option seems to be to do five full sets of nails which will run you $250. That’s actually pretty on-par with what you’re charged in a salon, it’s just you’re not paying for five sets all at once.

There is still hope though, because along with this new option of allowing you to upload your own design and have it customized to your fingers and shipped to a salon, Minx has also created an at-home option (we’ve been waiting on this!). This style falls in line with all of the other do-it-yourself nail art hitting shelves these days and so far there are eight different designs to choose from—Triangle Tango, Diamond Diabolique, Summer Splash, Silver Moons, Gold Moons, Wild Pink Cheetah, Technical Tribal, and MinxLusion Chex. Since these patterns are available at Ulta, we know this option fits our budget.

Check out Minx customizable nail option here.

Would you try it?

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