The “color complex” phenomenon has existed in our communities for years with heated opinions on both sides of the spectrum. Recently, the talk has veered into pop culture territory with the reigning perception that brown and dark-skinned women have a hard time excelling in the music business. Dawn Richards recently added her two cents to the conversation in an interview with Carlton Jordan. She added a new layer to the discussion, saying it’s especially hard to be brown-skinned with short hair and an edgy sense of style:

“It was a difficult road being this color and having the edge that I have: the short hair, the vibe. […] I would like to represent for those girls who people say nah, you can’t be edgy and brown and have a new sound and make it big.”

See the video below:

Do you agree with Dawn’s comments? Is the public more accepting of brown-skinned women with conventional beauty rather than unique and edgy looks?


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