For the past few days, our cousins across the Pond have been celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th year on the throne. From concerts and public festivals, to a grand parade of over 1,000 boats on the River  Thames, the world has been watching as Brits have celebrated in the streets amid a bevy of pomp and circumstance.

But what about Black Britons? Are they just as excited about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee?

I conducted a very unscientific survey and reached out to my black British friends to ask if they were wrapping themselves in the Union Jack and taking to the streets to celebrate with her Majesty. As I suspected, the collective feeling amongst my friends was a resounding, “meh.” While they were happy for the days off from work, many didn’t care at all about the Queen and her 60th year on the throne.

But how about you, UK Clutchettes? Are you excited about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee or are you just not feeling it?  

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  • somewhere in london

    leave it to Black Americans to throw in the race card! Jesus not everyone black person is going to be into it just like not ever white person was into it! jeez!! and yes, I am a black Brit who celebrated!

  • iQgraphics

    I saw the recap on Jon Stewart.
    Black, white, brit or american… that sh!t was booorrrriiinnnggggg.
    No one cares

  • AllisonMG

    I’m not a black Brit but I’m currently studying abroad here in London and participated in the festivities with my white classmates. I’d probably say “meh” to the idea if I was from here, but I had never seen a Queen of anything before, lol….so I’d say it was very interesting for me and the celebration was fun! A lot of British people have been very friendly to me during this whole festive occasion. For the actual Brits, I just think it may be one of those things you get so used to having that it doesn’t interest you anymore.

  • Sledge

    To somewhere in London-
    Blk Americans (African Americans) are far
    More advanced than Blk Britons, example are there any Blk billionaires in England? I doubt if there are a hand full of millionaires. So,
    Do not dare insult Blk Americans as race baiters. You’d do well to be mentored by
    An Blk American. After all, they as a people are far more advanced. The educated in the continent of Africa says “we look to Black Americans as leaders of black people in the world”. Need I mention Britain or Blk Britons was not mentioned? How dare you?