Mary J. fans please don’t come for our heads with this question because we feel it’s a legitimate one. The Queen of R&B Soul recently had an interview with Womens’s Wear Daily and she told the site that she was in the brainstorming process of creating a fashion collection and our e-hearts sighed.

For one, it’s just become too clich√© for every, and we do mean every, musician out there to drop a clothing line when (a) they usually are styled by someone else and (b) their fashion sense or lack thereof usually makes them unworthy of such a label as clothing designer. We’re not saying Mary can’t pull it off, we’re just wondering if this is the best lane for her. We know what happened last time she tried to do something different: crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses…you know the rest.

The thing is, Mary is probably a woman we should have had on our ’round the way girls list last week. When Mary gets dressed up and glam for red carpet events she’s stunningly gorgeous, but on stage, she’s the queen of the catsuit, tight, ill-fitting borderline Fantasia/Chaka Khan catsuits. Don’t get us wrong, the body is tight so that’s not the problem, she’s just never really been know for her fashion, at least in a positive light. We’re not sure anyone has ever seen something she had on and thought, “oooh, I want that,” which is why we think this fashion collection might be a tough sell.

Mary said the plan is to start off with shoes and boots and then move on to clothing, particularly “great-fitting jeans.” I don’t think there’s a black woman anywhere who would argue against more jean options for our figures so that could be a plus, but the rest we’re up in the air on. Mary loves her thigh-high boots so she could take her go-to look and turn it into something fierce for the masses, we’re just hoping the style is more high fashion than pro-budget and gaudy. If she has the right team around her, she ought to be able to make this work, otherwise we fear we might be stuck with something along the lines of Apple Bottom/House of Dereon 2.0.

Do you think a fashion collection is a good look for Mary J. Blige?

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