There’s a new show taking over the Disney Channel, Doc McStuffins. The show centers on a little black girl who dreams of becoming a doctor and practices on her stuffed animal collection healing their aches and pains. Unlike other shows that depict children of color as sidekicks, Doc McStuffins is front and center inspiring little girls and boys to dream.

Dr. Myiesha Taylor watches the show with her four-year-old daughter and feels like it sets a wonderful example for other little girls.

“It’s so nice to see this child of color in a starring role, not just in the supporting cast. It’s all about her,” Dr. Taylor told the Associated Press. “And she’s an aspiring intellectual professional, not a singer or dancer or athlete.”

Dr. Taylor hopes the show will inspire other young girls to go into the medical field and up the current numbers, just two-percent, of black female physicians. She even created a collage of real black female doctors along with Doc McStuffins to show that black female physicians exist–not just on TV.

The show’s creator, Chris Nee, also felt it was important to make Doc McStuffins a black girl, considering minority children spend the most time watching TV.

“When we made her an African-American girl, we hoped it would be a positive role model that wasn’t really out there and would be great for little girls,” she said. “What has been surprising is the strength of the reaction and that it’s from adults.”

Doc McStuffins airs on both Disney and Disney Junior and has been picked up for a second season.

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  • Rakel

    Absolutely love this shows concept. I hope it stays around for a long time

  • rosie

    This is so cool!

  • joel

    Why should it matte what color doc mcstuffins is.? ITS A CHILDRENS CARTOON! This is why we have problems like this, stupid adults need to chime in and make sure to point out differences. Just shut up and let the kids enjoy the show no matter what color or race the characters are. People are idiots

    • Alex

      You’re an ignorant, sad little idiot. Yes, why not have all main characters – and sitcoms – be whites; whites who are amazingly successful and intelligent and usually always good and right in whatever they do, along with their black black ‘sidekick’ (cheap, unintelligent comic relief) whose character does nothing more than assert white superiority by their very character itself.

      It’s time for more main roles for black actors and black cartoon characters – especially girls and women.

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