We made it! It’s Friday…now let’s start serving up these haute links. Here’s what we didn’t talk about, but thought you should know.

Two Artists Salute a Legacy – Two artists, Carrie Mae Weems and Geri Allen present “Slow Fade to Black” in Brooklyn Friday night. The multimedia show comprised of photographs and music celebrates black culture. If you’re in NYC you should definitely check it out. {NY Times}

Chinese officials apologize to woman in forced abortion – After pictures of Feng Jiamei lying next to her fetus after an apparent forced abortion hit the web, many were outraged. Feng was alleged seven months pregnant and was forced to terminate her pregnancy after she could not afford to pay the fees associated with having more than one child. Now, officials in her city have apologized, because, you know, that totally makes up for what they put her through. Will this situation lead China to rethinking its inhumane one-child policy? I guess we’ll see. {BBC}

 THE VIDEOS: Chris Brown & Drake’s FIGHT NIGHT Footage – The plot thickens. {theYBF}

‘Fear of a Black Republican’ documentary explores African-American role in democracy – Do Republicans really want African-Americans in their party? That’s the question Kevin J. Williams aims to answer in his latest film. {theGrio}

Jury Calls Bullshit on Cop’s ‘Zoloft Turned Me Into a Rapist!’ Excuse – After claiming he kidnapped and raped a woman all because of Zoloft, a California jury rejected his asinine claims and found him guilty. Good job. {Jezebel}

Nas Discusses His Struggles With Parenting on CNN – Maybe he wanted to change the subject after many folks handed him his walking papers after that Gwyneth Paltrow debacle. {Miss Info}

Speaking of that the n-word, read Aisha Harris’ Slate piece “Nigga” Is Complicated for Black People, Too and tell me again why some of us are so comfortable using it. {Slate}


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