Today we’re just going right down to it, ok? Leggo! 

Tips on what to Eat Before and After Workout – Have you ever wanted to know what you should eat before or after your workout that won’t blow your progress? Check out this good piece of advice. {Frugivore}

FIGHT NIGHT: Rapper Meek Mill Tells His Side, Says NEITHER Drake NOR Chris Threw Bottles – Days after the brawl heard round the Twitterverse, details are still pouring out. Do we still care? {theYBF}

Clever Birthers Erect an ‘Obama Presidential Library’ Outhouse Complete With Nancy Pelosi Slut Graffiti – Oh…gotta love those feisty Republicans and their racist rhetoric! {Jezebel}

Michigan Lawmaker Banned For Saying ‘Vagina’ Will Perform ‘The Vagina Monologues’ In Protest – This is just straight up awesome! {Business Insider}

Loneliness, living alone tied to shorter lifespan – Get out there and make some friends, folks. {Reuters}

Fannie Lou Who? Why Voting Rights Still Matter – While some of us take our voting rights for granted, others are trying their damndest to suppress our vote. Don’t do it for them. {Colorlines}

Microsoft expected to unveil tablet to challenge iPad – Guess they’re tired of Apple and Kindle getting all of the tablet shine. Can Microsoft still compete? {}

It’s Official! Arsenio Hall Is Returning To Late Night TV! Woof-Woof-Woof. – Well, well, well…look who’s coming back to the tele. {Shadow & Act}

Lil Kim Has Found Love – Aww, how sweet. Too bad I don’t know who this Lil Kim is, her face isn’t  ringing a bell. {Necole Bitchie}

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  • For some reason I never thought of Lil Kim as the dating type, just the jump off type.

    • Melancholy Soul

      Based on the way he is dressed, he is either much younger than she is or a guy who can’t let go of youth culture at his age.

  • Candy 1

    *I eat a banana or an apple with natural unsweetened peanut butter for my morning workouts, but I never know what to eat after because it is so early, sometimes I’ll just eat oatmeal with blueberries, but then I end up hungry an hour later.

  • Dalili

    I am totally flogging a dead horse here, but Lil Kim used to be so beautiful! I can’t for the life of me understand the complete facial features overhaul. :-(

    • Hey sissy!!!

      ****waving and screaming like a krazy girl that I am***

    • Dalili

      Hiiiyaaaa Sissy! **reaching for a hug***

      LOL, I love the crazy girl that you are!!

    • seriously, seriously, seriously, if Clutch had a meetup group every now and then for all us random folk I would not be mad. Then again, what if y’all meet me in person and discover y’all don’t feel me? *ponders the thought*

    • @grace,

      why doe? Are you goin to be high on some smoked green?

    • LOL!!!

    • Dalili

      LOL @girlformelyknownasgrace: No Worries at all, My Sissy doesn’t strike me as the judgmental type, straight shooter and brutally honest but not judgmental and neither am I. You’d be fine. :-)