It’s only Tuesday, but so far the week has been jam packed with news. From the tragic losses of Yvette Wilson, Erica Kennedy, and Rodney King to the foolishness that was the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta premiere, this week is already one for the record books.

Despite doing our best, we can’t get to it all. So here are a few stories we didn’t get to talk about, but thought you should totally know.

WEDDING FAB: Bobby Brown & Alicia Etheredge WED In Hawaii!Bobby Has really gotten his life together. I hope he keeps it up. {theYBF}

Alice Walker forbids Hebrew “Color Purple” translation – Alice Walker recently told a publisher she didn’t want her seminal novel Color Purple translated into Hebrew (again). Her reasoning? Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people. {Globes}

Asian Americans could swing outcome in battleground states – Well, this could be interesting. You never hear very much about the “Asian vote,” but apparently, Asian Americans may play a key role in Nevada, Virginia, Florida and North Carolina. {MSNBC}

Columbia University professor: Obama victory unworthy of the long civil rights battle – Frederick  Harris asserts that by not specifically focusing on “black issues,” President Obama’s history victor was a hollow win for African Americans. {theGrio}

Facebook Acquires Facial-Recognition Site – Big brother, thy name is Facebook! {eWeek}

The Plight of the Single Dad – Did you know over 1 million single dads raise kids these days? Yeah, me neither. We always hear about single mothers, but what about single dads? {Jezebel}

NBA Chris Bosh’s Daughter’s Mother Just Applied for Food Stamps – This just feels…wrong. Apparently Bosh, who makes millions a year playing for the Miami Heat, pays a mere $2600 in child support.  Sister-girl just lost her, is going into foreclosure, and clearly needs a better lawyer. {YourBlackWorld}

Fearless Brooklyn boy, 11, stabs mom’s abusive boyfriend to fend off attack – Eleven-year-old Terrance Allen had enough. After watching his mother’s boyfriend attack his mom and his cousin for nearly a half-hour, he didn’t know what else to do. He stabbed his mom’s boyfriend and ran to get help, perhaps saving all of their lives. {NY Daily News}

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  • Pseudonym

    $2600/month is $31,200/year!

    She’s getting CHILD SUPPORT to pay for the expenses related to her child, not ALIMONY to support herself. It’s not Bosh’s responsibility to take care of her because they co-parent a child (who, according to the article, the mom won’t even allow to go to London with her father to watch the Olympic games).

    If I were a rich dad, I would seriously, just buy everything my child needs and auto-pay half the rent for the kid’s room. The article says he should be paying $30,000 monthly for child support- what the heck does a child need that costs $30,000/month?

    • Thank you!

    • RockStar

      I agree. The child is his only obligation. Some mom’s make it off of much less. She needs a job. As long as that child had everything she needs in addition to good medical insurance and maybe a college fund, baby mama need to stop thinking she getting a meal ticket and Woman-up!

  • In other news Siovaughn Wade was arrested.

    Listen, I am tired of this woman being made to seem as if she is crazy! This chic is NOT crazy!!!!!!!!!! I pray that one day one time, she finds peace!!!

  • PJ

    Congrats to Bobby Brown and his beautiful bride Alicia Etheredge. Wishing you many blessed years to come..