It’s Friday and we made it through yet another week. I’m trying to make a quick exit to the weekend, so let’s get started, shall we?

NBA BALLER Tony Parker SUING W.I.P. For $20M Over Chris Brown/Drake BRAWL! – The details from this night just keep getting worse and worse. This whole thing was stupid and unavoidable and a PR disaster for everyone involved. {theYBF}

Forcibly Sterilized by the State of North Carolina? Too Bad, Say Senate Republicans – This is terrible. As if being forcibly sterilized isn’t enough, now the politicians aren’t even willing to compensate the victims. Shame. {Jezebel}

A Law Firm Partner and His Boalt Hall Wife Stand Accused of Planting Drugs on an Elementary School Volunteer – Looks like these folks found a new way to settle a beef, planting drugs on someone. Crazy. {Above the Law}

Charles Baker Got Naked, Ate Flesh Of Jeffery Blake During Visit With Children: Florida Cops – Another one?! But real talk, I’m willing to bet all of these flesh eaters CANNOT be black, how come we only hear about black men going rogue and chomping on someone’s face? Hmmm. {Huffington Post}

Former KKK Leader David Duke Endorses Charles Barron [Video] – So a famous KKK member endorses a former Black Panther? What world are we living in? {NY Observer}

Ex-church mentor gets life for posing as girl online to molest teenage boys – No, really. WTF?! This guy, 29, posed as a 14-year-old girl to get at teenage boys. Not good at all. {theGrio}

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