It’s been a long day, so let’s just get down to business, OK? Here’s a few things you may have missed …

Oreo Pride: Rainbow-Stuffed Cookie Sparks Boycott – Uh oh, Gay Pride Oreos? While they look so PRETTY others aren’t having it.  {ABC}

4 dead, 30 wounded in weekend Chicago violence intensifying search for answers – Chicagoland, what’s really going on? Summer just began and people are already being murdered and harmed. The violence must end. {CBS}

Can These Two Black Female Rising Stars Convince America that the Tea Party Isn’t Racist? – Now the Tea Party wants to reach out to minority voters using black women. Good luck with that. {Jezebel}

A Day Later, Other Williams Wins at WimbledonA day after Venus’ disappointing opening-round loss, Serena won in straight sets, keeping her Wimbledon hopes alive. {ABC News}

Truck Couldn’t Stop Quickly Enough In 50 Cent Accident – 50 Cent was rushed to the hospital after a car accident on a New York expressway. Apparently traffic suddenly stopped and the truck driver couldn’t get his Mack truck to stop quickly enough. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. {Cinema Blend}

[Video] Barack & Michelle Obama Reminisce On First Date – How cute are they?! {NecoleBitchie}

Bonus: Speaking of Willow Smith, check out this video from earlier this year. Folks want to question Will and Jada’s parenting? From the looks of things, they’re doing just fine.

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  • NewLook

    I love Willow!!! I hope my future kid has as much strength as her!

  • Dalili

    Thank goodness Serena won!! Keeping toes, finger and all crossable limbs crossed!

  • Mr.Man

    The parents are pretty strong from what I can see so naturally the kids will pick that up. That hair-do on Willow however is killing me…

  • Okay, These women have some amazing skin! People think Willow is so grown because of the media blowing it up to make her seem like a wild child. but she seems like a normal sweet little girl to me. She just has a little more freedom than an average kid, like most celeb kids have. People need to stop being so harsh and judgemental towards other peoples parenting skills.

  • i love the hair, the changes. we should be permissive with our children’s creativity and strict with their education and moral training.. a clear reflection of inside strong, she gets it already about black hair and is doing what she wants. good for her, and good for her family and good for the little girls watching!