It’s Friday, and we’re all tired after a long week, so let’s just get right down to it, OK? Here’s a few things we didn’t cover, but thought you should know.

Mary J. Blige Calls That Notorious Burger King Commercial ‘Buffoonery’ – MJB is still talking about that Burger King debacle. I’m still sticking by my original thought, though. Just because she was singing (all off key) about chicken doesn’t mean it was racist. But clearly, she had a problem with it and is still hoping to make it right. {Shadow & Act}

Woman Claims Priest Sexually Abused Her During the Course of a 2-Year-Long Exorcism – Wait, what? {Jezebel}

Lebron Talks Engagement To Savannah With Oprah: ‘It Felt Like Before A Final’s Game’ – Not a Heat fan, but this made me “awww” real hard. #BlackLove {NecoleBitchie}

Obama in Colorado to tour state’s worst-ever wildfire – The President made a stop in Colorado to comfort the people of the state as they deal with the worst wildfire ever. {Chicago Tribune}

Congress Approves Transportation and Student Loan Package – Wait, so Republicans and Democrats can actually work together? Who knew?! {NY Times}

Savannah Guthrie tapped as Ann Curry’s replacement on ‘Today’ – Well, that was quick, wasn’t it? {LA Times}

Gov. Jindal: La. won’t implement health care lawDon’t have health care in Louisiana? Too bad, you won’t be getting it anytime soon. {USA Today}

Essence magazine recently tapped Issa Rae to headline their new section: Young, Black, and Amazing. Perfect choice! {Facebook}

Alicia Keys – New Day * NEW SONG * 2012 – Alicia teamed up with her hubby, Swizz Beatz, for some new music just in time for summer. Are you feeling it?

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