Today has been a little hectic around these parts, Clutchettes, but still we rise. Although we are man-down for the day (say a few prayers for our team, pretty please?), we still managed to cover things we hope were entertaining, inspirational, and educational. But as I mentioned last week, we can’t cover it all…so here’s a roundup of what we didn’t talk about today, but thought you should totally check out.

Shall we?

Black Women’s Transition to Natural Hair – Still considering “the big chop”? Watch one woman as she undergoes the very emotional journey of getting back to her roots. It’s a must-see. Oh, and shout out to Clutchette Amy for reminding us to link to the video! {The New York Times}

South African Bill Evokes Apartheid Era – This is not good at all. Is South Africa moving backward? Let’s hope not. {The Root}

We’re All So Busy Texting That We Forgot How to Talk to Each Other – Remember when you spent hours on the phone talking to those you love (and seriously crushed on)? Yeah, me neither. But I want a little of that old thing back. {Jezebel}

BOUGIE LETTUCE, OR WHY I STOPPED TRYING TO CHANGE MY FAMILY’S DIET – Have you ever tried to help your family eat better only to have them tell you to take your bougie mitts off their pork chops? Veronica-Marche Miller breaks it down. {XO Jane}

Is Donald Trump Using Arsenio Hall As His Token Negro? – Hmmm….I’m going to pick “Yes” for $500. {NewsOne}

The Kardashian Family Do Notorious B.I.G’s “Hypnotize” In Dominican Republic! – Ummm….WTF? {Youtube}

Lauryn Hill DENIES Being Nicki Minaj’s Summer Jam “Special Guest”, Hits The Stage With Nas – Nicki, who? {the YBF}

Bonus: Nas & Lauryn Hill perform. L-Boogie is looking mighty fine. #RealHipHop

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  • Teiko

    – I never cut my relaxed hair went I went back to being natural. It’s like, the texture just reverted back.

    – I prefer texting over talking on the phone no matter who the person is. I was never the person to spend hours on the phone.

    – Yea, I tried introducing healthier options for some of the foods we buy and it was a no go.

    – I can’t believe I was a fan of the Kardashians when they first became popular. What was I thinking?

    – Damn, Lauryn Hill sounded horrible.

    • Fatima

      OMG @ Teiko! I thought I was the only one whose texture went back to normal after I stopped relaxing.

    • Teiko

      Fatima – Maybe it has something to do with how tightly coiled the hair is.

  • tee

    I Love Lauryn Hill, can’t get over her

  • Nanjala

    Lauryn should play Nina Simone, her voice, acting skills, looks, she is perfect.

  • Kacey

    I’m sorry…nope, scratch that, I’m not sorry – Lauryn Hill: Please retire!