It’s that time again, folks. Our daily round-up of interesting, thought-provoking, or down right crazy stories from around the web. Although it’s only Tuesday, this week has been a doozy. From the tragedy in Nigeria to the recall election in Wisconsin, so many things are going on in the world that we wish we could cover it all but we just can’t.

So, let’s get started….

Five Myths About Crime in Black America—and the Statistical Truths – You know how people think the worst of black folks and like to pretend that we are out there raping, murdering, and robbing everybody? Colorlines breaks it all the way down and tackles some of the myths about black folks and crime. A definite must-read. {Colorlines}

First black mayor elected in Germany – Yes, he can! John Ehret, the son of an African-American dad and German mom just became the first black mayor in the whole of Germany. {theGrio}

UCLA Chancellor Gene Block: Stop Discriminating and Retaliating Against Dr. Christian Head – So….attaching the head of a respected black doctor to a gorilla being sodomized in a slide-show presentation was some sort of joke? Methinks not. Do better UCLA. {}

Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon Hounsou ON THE ROCKS? – Uh oh. Let’s hope this one isn’t true (but umm…how good is Djimon looking these days? That gray beard suits him). {the YBF}

13-Year-Old Shot Dead By His White, 75-Year-Old Next Door Neighbor – I really hate hearing these types of stories. How much are young, black lives worth? Darius Simmons was shot as he was taking out the trash while his mother looked on in horror. {News One}

President Obama Graces the July Cover of ESSENCE – Mr. Obama’s swag is on 10 on this cover. Let’s see if it’ll translate at the ballot box come November. {Essence}

Houston soldier stabbed 74 times in brutal murder – Army Specialist Brandy Fonteneaux was brutally murdered in her barracks back in January by a fellow soldier who claims he was suffering from temporary insanity. Let’s hope the army fully investigates her brutal murder. {MyFoxHouston}

The Wire: The Musical with Michael Kenneth Williams – The Wire was on of my favorite shows and this spoof is absolutely hilarious. {Funny or Die}

Bonus: To lighten things up a bit…Watch “The Wire: The Musical”

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  • iQgraphics

    the wire the musical
    I died

  • OH MY GOSH!! I feel like I’m going to have a breakdown!!!!

    A 13 year old HARMLESS, BLACK boy shot by this OLD WHITE MAN?!

    YO. iCant even. When did this happen?! This should be a news story by itself!! I am tired. Did ya’ll see how distraught his mom is?! The pain and anguish she has to live with. Aiyaiyaiyai. NO!!! Something has to give

    Why isn’t this making headlines across the country, or has it now become a normalcy?

    • Ms. Information

      Hey girlie :( I just saw it….They still talk about Jon Benet and what happened to her yeeesaaarrrsss after….I would not have even seen this story were it not for Clutch and I have read several sources over the past couple of days….it also shows you who really controls the media….Centric or BET or OWN or something black owned needs a daily news channel.

    • Pseudonym

      That’s what I was thinking.

      I think mainstream US doesn’t want to admit that the excessive vilification and abuse towards black boys and men is an epidemic in this country and the root of the struggle to be a black man in the United States of America. It wants to believe that the Trayvon Martin case was a “freak accident.” It’s like how gang violence in inner city high schools is a form of bullying but it has never been portrayed that way and no one cared about bullying until some suburban white kids killed themselves. (Note, not “were murdered” but “killed themselves” while black high school students who were victims of inner city gang violence were murdered.) It’s just…sad.

    • @ Ms. Info,

      Sup mama!! I concur with a daily black owned/controlled telestation. Shiid is getting kray!!

      Soon enuf all our men are going to be six feet under. It’s soooo heartbreaking. Oi! I can’t put into words, how I feel. I’m not even the mother.


      Great points dear. I’m telling you the mainstream media is the most unreliable source for us as a people in triumph & achievement, and in most cases, death and distress!! We owe it to ourselves to inform!

    • iQgraphics


    • Dalili

      Words fail me!

      **Hey Baby Sis!**

    • Hey sissy!!!!!

      *waving and dancing at the same damn time*

      Hope you good hun!!!! :)

    • Dalili

      LOL….you are a riot! I am good, no complaints here! :-) You?

    • I’m okay!!! continue praying!! :)

      Watching the Celtics vs Heat game!

      If Celtics looses, HELL will freeze over or is it spill over into this green earth.

    • Dalili

      Ok, I will! :-)

      LOL! Well I hope whichever team you are routing for wins! Seems like everyone I would have liked to advance in the French Open is falling by the way side…urrgghh! I was devasted that Tsonga lost to Djokovic…but life goes on! Dang it!

    • Sissy,


      I was praying really loudly during the game

      Clutch, please do a coverage of this EPIC WIN morrow!!! Thanks much!!

    • minna k.

      *hugs* :L

    • Dalili


      YAY!!!!! I’m happy for ya!

  • apple

    Life is so sad

    • minna k.

      *hugs @apple*