It’s Wednesday, hump day, and we are halfway through the week. So far, it’s been another busy one. From Gwyneth Paltrow’s tweet debacle and Grace Jones stunting on all the young performers, to the murder of 13-year-old Darius Simmons and Cece Mcdonald’s precarious prison predicament, the news just keeps coming. And you already know, Clutchettes. While we’d like to cover it all, we can’t. So here’s what we didn’t get to talk about, but thought you should know.

When It Comes to Weight Loss, Black Girls Don’t Get as Much Out of Exercising – Can we start looking at holistic solutions to what ails us now instead of trying to fit our bodies into what works for the norm (read: white folks)? Just a thought. {Jezebel}

8 Surprising Things That May Be Making Americans Fat – More health news, but this time it looks pretty helpful. {Alternet}

Woman accused of castrating man with bare hands – My first thought? WTF! She’s strong as hell. Either way, it’s bad news all around, especially or the poor old guy whose man parts no longer work like they should. {WBTV}

Women Wins $900,000 After Suing Man for Giving Her Herpes – Well, it’s better than a beat down. Well, maybe not. {Frugivore}

Brothers With No Game: The Web Series (The Girls) [TEASERS] – It’s no secret, I love these bruvs. And from the looks of their web series teasers, more good stuff is in store from these brothas from across the Pond. {TheBWNG}

Facebook Will Disappear in 5 to 8 Years: Analyst – Uh oh, better start saving all those pictures to your hard drive again. {CNBC}

It Takes A Special Kind Of Mom To Disown Her Child Over Voicemail – Ouch. This mama really doesn’t like her daughter’s boo. And she isn’t afraid to say it. Oh, and she hates gay folks, too. {Deadspin}

Michelle Obama Top Ten – Mrs. O want you to go some Barack-olli. The First Lady has taken her healthy eating tips and gardening advice on the road, this time to David Letterman’s late night show. {David Letterman}

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