It’s Friday and we made it though yet another looooong week. While you get ready to head out for the weekend, take in a little sun, and hopefully (if we’re lucky), some fun. Check out these stories that we couldn’t get to today, but thought you should know about.

Let’s get it poppin…

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are Prepping for Unholy Matrimony – What happens when two fame junkies hook up? Wedding bells! Or a whole lot of unnecessary speculation. Either way, here’s the lastest buzz about KimYe. Are they getting hitched or are they just angling for a reality show? Hmmm. {Jezebel}

Acclaimed 2011 Brit Drama/Thriller ‘Top Boy’ (Starring Ashley Walters) Now Streaming On Netflix – Oh how I dig this gritty show about life in London’s council houses! Yes Idris is…IDRIS…but Ashley Waters is all sorts of fine, too! {Shadow & Act}

MIAKA Threatens to File Lawsuit Against Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. for Discrimination? – So…apparently dudes are suing to gain entry into sororities now because, you know, they’re for women and it’s totally unfair! {KollegeKidd}

Rihanna & Chris trade glares – The plot thickens. Apparently Rih & Breezy can’t get enough of each other. First songs, then tweets, now they’re trading side-eyes. They need to get a grip. {Page Six}

Photos to Provoke a Conversation on Race — Hank Willis Thomas is using his art to discuss race in America. Although many people think the discussion is old, Thomas’ artwork says there’s still so much to take about. {NY Times}

NAACP Demands Removal of Teacher Who Slapped Student – Soooo…this teacher really thought reenacting a scene from ‘Bridemaids’ where one woman “slaps some sense” into another woman was REALLY a good idea? Word? {KTLA}

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  • Thanks Brit,
    Now I have something to watch from across the pond.

    Folks, that chick being interviewed in the slapping case, she is in 9th grade?!

    • Ms. Information

      Girl I thought she was the mama..she looks 30….have a good weekend chica..

    • *DEAAAAAAAAAD*!!! @30.

      Girrrrl, mschew! Have a great weekend too hun!

    • Jai

      Both of y’all get out of my head LOL

  • c11

    Sorry? That girl is a 9th grader? I don’t believe it.

  • omfg

    it’s disgusting that they would sue the sorority because they don’t allow men in.

    i don’t have a problem with homosexuality, but i dislike when some people try to act like there’s no such thing as gender; like it’s soley a social construct.

    gay guys are not women/girls; doesn’t matter how fem they try to act.