Today’s Etc. edition features lots of links on links on links. Shall we get right down to it?

Dad Kills Man Caught Sexually Abusing His Daughter – Talk about taking the law into your own hands. Can’t say that I blame him, though. {KTLA News}

Casey Anthony breaks silence: ‘Obviously, I didn’t kill my daughter’ – I guess it’s obvious to her, for the rest of us…the jury is still out. {MSNBC}

TV FAB: VH1 RELEASES “Hollywood Exes” PROMO Pics STARRING Nicole Murphy, Sheree Fletcher, Mayte Garcia & Andrea Kelly – Hmm, reality shows haven’t jumped the shark yet? I’m praying for their speedy demise. {theYBF}

Two more accusers testify against Jerry Sandusky – If this guy does not spend the rest of his days inside a prison there needs to be some smoke in the city. The trial has brought forth some very graphic and heart-wrenching testimony. Glad his victims are finally having their day in court. {Chicago Tribune}

What’s Michelle Obama doing on Pinterest? Mrs. O is taking over social media too. Now she’s on Twitter and Pintrest. What’s next? {Christian Science Monitor}

Burglary at Kanye West’s Home – Uh oh. I feel a sex tape leak about to happen. How about you? {TMZ}

Syria Crisis and Putin’s Return Chill US Ties With Russia – The situation is Syria just continues to get worse and worse. Now Russia may be sending aircrafts to the regime? This can’t be a good look for the Syrian people. {NY Times}

Ivory Coast coup plot ‘foiled’ – Hmm, I wish some of my brothers and sisters on the Continent would realize that coups are not the answer. {BBC}

What caused the obesity crisis in the West? – It’s not just American, Brits are getting fatter as well, but it’s not because we just started to eat more and workout less. Blame our expanding waistlines on the types of food we eat, particularly the cheap food options that are so plentiful and have us hooked on unhealthy treats. {BBC}

Looking 4 Myself: Usher’s Whatever-Life Crisis Is Great for His Music – I agree. Usher baby just might be all the way back. Fingers crossed! {Gawker}

Bonus: Watch Usher channeling his inner-King of Pop in ‘Scream’

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