Recently, the President and First Lady reminisced about their very first date. Apparently, the first couple spent a blissful day strolling through the park, getting a little culture at the Art Institute of Chicago, and taking in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing. As Mrs. Obama explained, President Obama showed he was “hip, cutting edge, cultural, and sensitive.” And from the looks of things, they are still just as enamored with each other as they were that first day.

Hearing the Obamas wax poetic about their first date made me think of a few of my own. One of my best first dates was also one of the simplest.

After I’d moved to New York, I met up with a guy and we walked around Central Park all afternoon, checking out its ponds and sunning ourselves on its large rocks. Once we got our fill of the park, we set out for Brooklyn, hoping to get a slice of Junior’s famed cheesecake. Unfortunately, we were both new to the city and got lost, ending up in Queens instead. Although it could have been completely frustrating, getting lost gave us ample time to talk, see corners of the city we would have missed, and spend the entire day together. Our date was by no means fancy or expensive, but it was fun.

How about you? What was the best first date you’ve ever been on? 

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