We’ve made it. It’s the end of the week – Friday. For many folks, particularly nine-to-fivers, Friday evening is a time for celebration; the coming of liberation in the form of Saturday & Sunday. No doubt Friday evening is a sacred time but after years of observance, it can go from being electrifying to straight boring. Many of us get too caught up in a celebratory rut, so to speak, and forget that there are tons of ways we can bring in the weekend proper. The following suggestions are a start:

Take a Class – Is there something you’ve been dying to learn? Maybe tonight’s the night for you to finally learn how to make sushi, take a belly dancing class, or take a print-making course.

Sail Boating –Live near a large body of water? Some lakeside attractions offer sail and paddle boat rentals for a splash of some maritime fun.

Camping – Any outdoorsy sistas in the house? You could be spending Friday evening under the stars, sleeping bag, tent or in a rustic cabin. Sometimes being in nature can be so revitalizing…

Host a Gathering – If your blessed enough to have a beautiful network of friends, why not try to have them over for a potluck, or some other such festivity. It’s cheaper than a restaurant outing, more laid back too.

Meditation or Yoga – Melt away the stress of the week at your local meditation center, temple or within the cozy confines of your own home.

Set Off For a Weekend Getaway – And if you really want to get wild, go the airport and take a standby flight to a dope destination.

Concert – When’s the last time you’ve been to a music or dance concert? Your city’s weekly paper will no doubt let you now what’s going down this Friday.

Somewhere You’ve Always Wanted To Go – Whenever I find myself struggling to make nightly plans, the first thing I do is make a mental list of all the things I want to do, but never seem to get around to. What potential fun have your been depriving yourself of?

Somewhere You Never Seriously Considered Going To – Maybe you’re desperate, or bored with the options placed before you. Time to get random: Check your cities nightly listings and choose an activity you never really considered taking part in before. Ms. Hermit, maybe it’s time to get up and go to a swanky little nightclub; L’il Miss Bar stool, perhaps it’s time to try something like …

A Night at the Museum – Many museums have little throw downs in the evening that include food, drinks live music, and of course, culture. Peep the listings to see what’s up in your area.

Sports – Do you like to watch, or would you rather play?  The options are damn near limiltess…

Urban Sightseeing – I’ve never been to a city that doesn’t come alive on Friday evening. On a beautiful spring night, the city lights and energy of the crowd can be an intoxicating as the finest wine you can find. Just go where the energy of the night takes you.

Olde Fashioned Amusement – Looking past the obvious risk involved, carnivals can seriously be a stone cold blast. Amusement parks too, as well as adult arcade joints like Dave & Busters.

First Fridays – Got Art? The first Friday of the month was last week, so you can pencil it in for next month. First Fridays go down in tons of cities. Galleries open up their doors to the public and usually offer posh edibles and wine along with the latest art exhibit.

Tour/Walk – This may be going out on a limb, but there’s always that chance that your hometown is offering a tour that appeals to more than just the stale, baby-boomer set. Again, your area weekly can put you down with the details.

Theater – This one’s a classic, and truly entertaining if there’s anything worthwhile showing in your region.

Performance Restaurants – Campy, I know, but they definitely manage to break up the monotony of the dining experience. Two words: Lucky Cheng’s. Sometimes we need a little extra spice with our meals…

The Casino – It’s not for everyone, but it is an option (unless you’re under 21 or have a gambling problem).  Friday nights can be tough; it never hurts to have more options.

Book Club/Reading  – Avid readers looking to have a fulfilling Friday night, have you checked for any book club meetings or artist readings in your area? It may not be a bad idea to consider forming your own book club too.


Hey Clutch, what’s on your agenda this Friday night? Help us add to the list.

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