The first time I was semi-introduced to pornography, I was a freshman in college.  I was dragged to the room next to mine where two of my homegirls were cracking up over an “actress” who had attempted– and failed — to swing her leg over her “co-star’s” head and knocked the hell out of him.

Second time, I was about 21-years-old and two of my friends were taking notes from another ‘actress” so they could implement the moves in the bedroom…or bathroom…or pool…or the nearest park. Fast forward years later, and I always find the forced sexuality of pornography much too contrived to be arousing.  But most men feel completely different.

The mere sight of t-and-a is enough to turn some grown men into prepubescent boys ogling their first Playboy. When you add in a couple of gyrations and fake moans, well, what’s there not for a guy to like, right? I’ve been told by several men — in committed relationships — that becoming aroused by other naked women in no way means they are less attracted to their significant others; it simply means that men are physiologically wired to react to anything in a sexual context.

But how does their mindless arousal affect their significant others?

According to study researcher Destin Stewart, a clinical psychology intern at the University of Florida, women in relationships with men who watch porn are more likely to suffer with low self-esteem:

The results showed that women who reported that their boyfriends or husbands looked at more pornography were less likely to be happy in their relationships than women who said their partners didn’t look at pornography very often. When women were bothered by their partner’s porn use, saying, for example, that they believed he was a porn addict or that he used porn more than a “normal” amount, they were also more likely to have low self-esteem and to be less satisfied with both their relationship and their sex life.

Keeping in mind that the participants in this survey were primarily young, white and heterosexual, how accurate do you find these results to be? And does it bother you if your man watches porn?



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