Paris Hilton was right. The stars are blind. Although I think the former celebutante, who is the Paleozoic Era to Kim Kardashian’s Mesozoic, was referring to “true love,” not famous people by virtue of fame and money are changed from who they might have been if they’d languished in obscurity, poverty, or both, blinding them from what seems so obvious to the layman.

Being rich – and on TV – can make you very “different,” to paraphrase novelist and witness to the Roaring 20s excess F. Scott Fitzgerald. In his short story “The Rich Boy,” he writes that the wealthy, “Possess and enjoy early, and it does something to them, makes them soft, where we are hard, cynical where we are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand.”

For some, this may be the only way to rationalize the now-public love affair of Kardashian and rap impresario Kanye West.

Must be the money.

Personally, I get it. As a longtime listener of Kanye’s music, Kim K. is the exact woman he’s being rapping about since the “Graduation” album, maybe even earlier than that. If it wasn’t apparent then, it most certainly shouldn’t have been a shock to anyone who purchased “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and liked the track “Hell of A Life,” then worked their way up to the more recent “Way Too Cold.” In those songs he professes his desire for “bad bitches with no flaws” and porn stars.

I don’t know whether Kim has “flaws” or not, but Photoshop says no, she does not. And while Kardashian hasn’t made a career of it, she did experience a brief stint as a sex tape star. She’s the one. She’s it. They’ll probably get married, have a bunch of little Yeezies and Kims, and gross us all out until it fizzles out spectacularly on some random day over something inconsequential to us, but monumental to them.

Like, maybe Kanye will decide to go into politics and she’ll convert to Scientology. You just never know. The rich are different, I tell you.

But the dislike among some Kanye fans sounds very familiar. It’s personal in the way it is for us when our friends and loved ones fall hard and heavy for someone we think isn’t good enough for them, or isn’t right for them, or who simply befuddles us.

Like a gaggle of Michael Bluths starring at the Ann Veals of our lives, raising our eyebrows in a collective, plaintive wail of “Her? Really? Her? Her? Him? Them? What the hell? I thought we’d gotten that out of our system. Her? Her!”

Yes, her. Yes so many awkward times over.

There was a lot of pearl clutching when singer and insanely famous person Beyoncé Knowles covered her face and danced in the vicinity of Kim, while Kim and Beyoncé attended a concert her husband, Mr. Z of the Jay-Zs, had with Kanye, where they watched some thrones of some sort. Beyoncé, all married and motherly and such, was photographed near a “fallen woman,” so … something, something controversy.

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  • why am I here and how did it happen? …..and then I commented, lol. Yous guys have a great day, got to go! lol

  • Nuck If You Buck

    It’s embarrassing how much I “know” about these two and how much strong opinion I have about them. I click on these damn articles, I turn it up when E! talks about them (what the hell am I doing watching E!?) I am not in the place I want to be physically, successfully or spiritually, but I’ve let this mess become part of my daily commentary.

    If I stop paying attention, THEY STOP BEING PAID, YO. Why is it so hard for me to do it, though? They put them everywhere, everywhere, everywhere and their pretty faces cast some kind of distracting shadow I cannot run from.

    Sorry, ya’ll, I had to put this out there. Maybe this will help me. Hell, this surely does feel like an addiction, at least for me. The first step is admitting you have a problem….

  • MsZMC

    Kim and Kanye aside.. I loved this article! It is so true that we all have that “type” that we know we isn’t good for us yet we want it so bad. And we all have that one person who everyone around us is telling us we shouldn’t be with.. and yes it does intensify the relationship.

    This is a very well written article about forbidden love. Thanks for actually writing something on clutch that didn’t sound like beauty shop talk.

    I still don’t support Kanye and Kim tho.. and yes this is coming from the “i know whats best for him” mentality lmao #shrugs

  • Cocochanel31

    You are hilarious! Love your writing style!