Kim Williams and her team are back with yet another funny episode of The Unwritten Rules which takes a look at what happens when you’re the lone, black coworker.

Last time, Racey had to contend with her coworkers bothering her during her lunch hour and wanting to taste some of her home-cooking, and this time, she runs into yet another issue of her colleagues not respecting her privacy.

Will she crack under the pressure of being the lone black women in an office full of blissfully ignorant, and slightly offensive white folks?

Watch and see.

Peep the latest episode of The Unwritten Rules and let us know what you think!

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  • AngHud

    I LOVE this!

  • chanela

    OH. MY. GOD! im watching pariah (finally) and i notice the character named bina looks strangley familiar…. i look her up and realize that she is the same main character/creator of “the unwritten rules LOL how awesome! she pulls off playing a highschool student very well!