In an interesting twist in the second degree murder case against George Zimmerman, Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester has revoked his bond and has given the former Neighborhood Watch volunteer 48 hours to surrender to police.

The decision came after prosecutors accused Zimmerman, the man who prosecutors allege killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, and his wife of lying about their financial situation. During his previous bond hearing, Zimmerman and his family testified that they were in dire financial straights and couldn’t afford a high bond amount. The judge granted $150,000 bond, but after details began to pour out about Zimmerman’s website raising over $200,000, many wondered if prosecutors would ask for a new hearing.

A motion filed by prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda gives more details:

“Defendant has intentionally deceived the court with the assistance of his wife,” it read. “During the jail phone calls both of them spoke in code to hide what they were doing.”

De la Rionda also told the judge “this court was led to believe that they didn’t have a single penny” at the previous bond hearing, and that Zimmerman’s wife “flat out lied to this court.”

The prosecutor also discovered that Zimmerman neglected to tell the court about a second passport.

Hearing the prosecutors motion, Judge Lester agreed to revoke Zimmerman’s $150,000 bond. He must surrender to police within 48 hours. It is unclear if he will remain in jail until his trial or if he will be granted a higher bond amount.

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  • Laugh

    He should of never been out in the first place!

    • Aja

      I agree Zimmerman should have never been out of jail.

  • Ms. Information

    That dirty killer is probably in Belize by now…two passports and $200,000?

  • alldawg

    The same system that he hid behind is now biting his azz. I take it that GZ is one of the know it alls, because his dad was a judge. Now that this has happened he may want to speed the trail date up since he will be behind bars.

    The pro-gz crowd are now complaining about the system, go-figure.

  • M

    That didn’t surprise me one bit. I remembered when they first brought out the story about this and people had suspicions about him doing it then. I still don’t think that they want GZ to go to jail,but it seems that the more they resist it, the more that he keeps putting his foot in in his mouth.

    I have never bought that his family was broke. They probably had some money stashed somewhere and thought that people were stupid to believe it. I predict that they will still continue to make him a saint,but he will do/say something that will surprise the defense and prosecution and will eventually do himself in.

  • alldawg

    GZ is trying to keep all options open on his terms. He’s looking for some sort of loop hole to weasel his way out the pursuit of justice.

    He stated on the 911 call that trayvon looked like a teenager, but in court he said he thought trayvon was a little younger than him. I said to myself he is an accomplished lier, I hope the prosecution is an accomplished observer. Just to watch everything he did, dose and will do.