Screen Shot 2012-06-06 at 10.58.38 AMKelly Rowland has a banging body. The singer and actress has had one of the industry’s hardest bodies since she stepped on the scene with her Destiny’s Child comrades, and a decade later, she still looks great.

Recently, Kelly gave US Weekly a glimpse at her hardcore fitness regimen, which includes working out five to six times a day and spending a whopping 45 minutes on her abs every night. Can you say, motivation?

Along with appearing in US Weekly’s ‘Hot Body’ isse, Kelly also teamed up with celebrity fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins to create a “Sexy Abs” workout DVD, in which she kicks her muscles into gear through a series of exercises like the Burn It Bicycles and the Upper Fibers crunch.

While spot training isn’t very effective without being paired with cardio workouts, when it comes to getting your abs workouts in, what is your method of choice?

From yoga and Pilates, to weight-training and good old-fashioned crunches, whatever you use to keep those waistlines tight, Clutchettes, keep it up. And if you need a few tips, peep Kelly Rowland’s US Weekly video to learn how she keeps her tummy in tip-top shape.

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  • OSHH

    Planks, reverse crunches, scissors, ab row machine, roll outs etc

  • Dalili

    Wow, she looks great and makes it look so easy! I do leg lifts to help with my core…and I mean the very basic kind….Lay flat on your back, lift your legs straight up and repeat as needed. I hate doing those….but they work for me.

    Not really core workouts passe but my favorite exercise is dancing….Zumba and Belly Dancing (I laughed so hard at my self the first time I attended a belly dancing class….I was clumsy and oh so ungraceful). I did try Bikram Yoga and that was great but not my thing so I haven’t been back.

  • omfg

    abs are made in the kitchen. all the crunches in the world don’t mean ish if your diet is whack.

    some people always wonder why they can’t get rid of their spare tire. well, you have to further refine your diet and up your cardio intensity to remove the fat.

    i was talking to this woman who recommended that a man she knew eliminate certain things from his diet – flour, etc. sure enough, the weight in his midsection dropped.

    i don’t do many ab exercises. believe it or not, running and biking work your ab muscles. i sometimes do things for my lower abs and yoga is good.

  • luminous

    burpees, squats, & hanging leg lifts.