Did you hear the one about the reality star that tweeted another reality star, and then the other reality star got upset?

No? Well, here’s the joke:

Tamar Braxton of “Braxton Family Values” became so upset at K. Michelle from “Love & Hip-Hop, Atlanta” for calling her a muppet and threatening to beat her up that she’s threatening to sue, reports TheYBF.com.

Braxton is apparently friends with Toya Wright, wife of MeMpHitZ, former wife of Lil’ Wayne, who was allegedly so upset at K. Michelle for suggesting her husband (who is K. Michelle’s ex-boyfriend) abused her, that she began sending subliminal tweets about it. Braxton took to Twitter (why? No one knows) to say “let this girl sell her fairy tale.” K. Michelle, assuming the tweet was directed toward her, said in an interview that Braxton looks like a muppet and they “jump gates” in Memphis, so she should be careful not to talk about her.

This lead to the following cease and desist letter from Braxton:


The punchline of the joke: There isn’t one. I’m still trying to figure out when and why Twitter became the place to take “beef.” Instead of social media, it’s swiftly becoming out-take reels of every single quasi-reality show on the planet.


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