In an interview with MTV News, Lil’ Wayne Carter explained why he suddenly decided to pull Nicki Minaj from this year’s “Summer Jam” concert after Hot 97’s DJ Peter Rosenberg said that her song “Starships” was “wack.” You may feel that you’ve walked off the edge of the earth into a parallel universe when you read this, but we assure you, it’s real:

“First of all, I approached the situation like this: that’s a female. First and foremost Nicki Minaj is a female. I don’t know what anyone else believes but I believe females deserve the ultimate respect at all times. No matter what, when, where or how. So, as soon as she called me and said that she felt disrespected, I just declined everything. I pulled her from the show because first of all no person that works with me will be disrespected in my presence as long as I’m on this planet. And like I said, she’s a female first and foremost so I expected the red carpet…in her manner the pink carpet to be laid out. It’s just an executive move. No bad feelings, no hard feelings, like I said in my opinion she said she was disrespected [and] that’s a woman. I feel like a woman should be respected at all times. Therefore I believe that I made the right decision.”

In honor of this statement that he was clearly high while saying, I decided to take a look at three — just three — of Weezy F.’s lyrics that show how much he respects the ladies:

1.) “We Like Her — I Wish I Could F*ck Every Girl In The World”

“Open up her legs then filet mignon that p*ssy / I’m a get in and on that p*ssy / If she let me in I’m a own that p*ssy / Go’n throw it back and bust it open like you ‘posed to / Girl I got that dope d*ck / Now come here let me dope you / You gon’ be a dope fiend / Your friends should call you dopey”

Don’t you feel so respected?

2.) “Alphabet Bitches”

Well the A is for Ashley/she always ask for me to take it out her p*ssy/put it right in her a*s and the/B is for Brittany she right in the class/she be hatin on Ashley cause she tight in the a*s/the C is for Christina want me to big screen her the way she d*ck dish should be a misdemeanor so/if you seen her i been searchin but cant find her/ever since i been wit Diamond/wit Diamons in her vagina/And the E is for ever elegant Ericka/sweet red b*tch/we used to call her Miss America/I aint gon lie now Erica is a dog/but to that magnolia n*gga/she done fucked em all, (Slim)/Speakin of slim, the F is for Fat/a real skinny hoe so you know/why they call her that/And the G for Gabriel, you can call her Gabby/but all my homeboys seem to call her nasty (man)

Is your heart all aflutter yet; you know, from all the respect?

3.) Project Bitch

This is for the ones who wobbled it an be puttin they mouth on it’An they suck everything out of it then they catch it and swallow it/I’m Lil Weezy for sheezy, I’m off the heezy believe me/See me, I squeeze in between it, and then I leave it so greasy/When I come through in a Rolls Royce, leave them with no choice/but to hop up in it an just let me make they throat moist

That does it, give this man a medal for most respectable gentleman! Then wake up, throw some water on your face and realize that it was all a dream.

Yes, Wayne is still one of the most misogynistic artists in Hip-Hop; yes, he’s obviously full of s*it and believes that everyone was as high listening to this crap as he was recording it. Finally, but just as important, he is claiming indignation on behalf of a woman who rolls around half-naked — to better show off her butt injections, my dear –, refers to other women as stupid, super hoes, and herself as the female Weezy.

Does she deserve respect? Absolutely, but she’s not even respecting herself. And Lil’ Wayne, well, let’s just blame his hypocrisy on ignorance. Apparently, calling women sluts, bitches and hoes is acceptable, but criticizing her work is not.

You learn something new everyday.

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