If you watch the BET Awards, you’ve probably noticed the Music Matters segments, where unknown, unsigned, or underexposed artists get an opportunity to perform as the telecast goes to commercial break. The coveted opportunity can lead to boost in interest and attention from established producers, labels and artists. Former artists profiled include Melanie Fiona, Mali Music, and Elle Varner.

Though most of the line-up has already been set, today, I found a new addition in my Twitter feed. Jennah Bell, a Berklee-trained singer/songwriter tweeted that she’d just been added to the roster. Having never heard her work, I looked her up. She’s great! Her EP, Early Bird, features five songs (each can be purchased for one dollar). At 23, she already sounds polished and unique. Her folk-pop aesthetic is a refreshing innocence.

According to her bio, her work is influenced by bluegrass, dub, rock, funk, and hip-hop. Check out her tracks in advance of the awards (or in lieu of them, in case you weren’t planning to watch) and let us know what you think.

Here’s a video for a track that isn’t included on her EP, “Yes, this is a holdup.”:

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  • LolaChi

    I hear a little bit of fiona apple and alanis morisette when she sings. I’m surprised BET is showcasing her talent during the awards. Most likely she will get one of those spots right after a major act performs and when the show is about to go into a commercial. Nice voice.

    • omfg

      where do you get fiona apple?

      from the little i’ve seen, she has no where near the artistry of fiona. this girl is good and pleasant, but fiona is just fire, especially lyrically.

      and alanis is one-note and not all that interesting.

  • freebee33

    Don’t really like the song posted here, but a few of the songs from her EP are nice.

  • francais

    I’ve followed Jennah and the poetry/music collective that she’s part of – Strivers Row for sometime. It’s awesome to see somebody from the Row do it big.

    If y’all haven’t already you should check her out here on Gardenia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jzBwx8DeQU & Waiting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgxU73Eifgs

  • GreenGurly

    I have been to about 5 of Jennah Bell’s shows around NY and she is on point! I have her song Wonderland as my ringtone. Her lyrics are prolific, her style is funky yet her own, and her band is is an eclectic menagerie of sounds and great musicians. As a fan, I can say that the Early Bird EP does not even fully capture the experience she offers live. I am so excited to see her grow as an artist!

  • BeeKay

    This isnt my fave song from her. The writer shouldve posted “Black Sheep” but Im still a fan!

    • GreenGurly

      You GOT that right! BLACKSHEEP is a song i refer to from her collection often. My 7 year old walks around the house singing it. I trust the kids to pick hits! ;)