Full disclosure: I love these guys! So when one of the men behind the blog  Brothers With No Game told me they were turning their hilarious site about dating and relationship in the UK into a web series, I got excited.

While they are notoriously private about just who’s behind the site, I had the opportunity to hang out with one of brothers last year when I visited Londontown. Fun was definitely had and I got more insight into what makes them tick.

While many dating and relationships sites from the male point of view dabble in stereotypes about women, come off sounding arrogant, and a tad misogynistic, these bruvs from London write about their own experiences, weaving in references from sports, pop culture, and life to create honest, entertaining, and oft time enlightening insights into the male mind.

After producing a series of teasers that introduced viewers to the men and women of the web series, the first episode is here.

Based on their popular post about “Playing the Heskey Role” (basically, being “the nice guy”), this first episode introduces us to the brothers and gets at the nagging question…do nice guys really finish last?

Watch the first episode to find out.

What do you think? Do these brothers have game? Will you continue tuning in?

*Want to help the Brothers produce more episodes? They are trying to raise $5000 to keep the show going. Support!

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