No one could ever say fame changed Fantasia—especially when it comes to her style. She might be dropping a bit more cash on her short cuts and body suits but her overall look still screams Fanny from High Point, North Carolina. The thing with Fantasia is there’s usually no middle road. She either looks fantastic when she tones her look down a bit or a hot ghetto mess when she’s got the dalmatian hair paired with a dress that may not have exactly been made for her. And of course we can’t forget about that huge “Mrs. Cook” tattoo on her chest.

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  • TheBlackBelle

    I agree Tiny is def a hood chick wit hood fashions…but I gotta disagree on the quality of her weaves…color combos may be wack but she’s one of the ones that gets that good blonde weave honey! Never looks nappy or matted! And if you have ever worn blonde weave you know that it is all sorts of processed and bleach to achieve that color/very hard to maintain. She gets the expensive quality #27 and 613!

  • Ok. The ladies listed are all painfully tacky. It has nada to do with where they’re from, or how they grew up imo. The REAL gag is the Louboutin/ body con dress queens who THINK they’re high fashion. Now let’s talk about them.

  • Tammy M.

    Black women are not a monolith. We should be able to represent who we truly are via our individual fashion sense. Every black woman does not have to dress like Michelle Obama or Trina, or Solange.

    To each their own!!!

  • judging much?

    You can wear whatever you want. And they do. nuff said