It’s Baaaack! The Bon Temps crew returns tonight for another season of supernatural mayhem. Will Tara survive that gun shot to the back of her dome? And who went and dug up the ancient evil predator Russell Edgington? True Blood Clutchettes, there’s never a dull moment when it comes to the mythical bunch down in that Louisiana swamp. What do you see going down in this season?


True Blood returns tonight at 9/8c on HBO!

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  • Ginger

    I am absolutely thrilled!!! It’s been too long & as a black woman who loves vampire stories, the color of the cast is never a factor, however, Tara & Lafayette keeps me very interested in what will happen next! Love this show & it’s entire well selected cast!!

  • binks

    Yep! It was interesting, to much happening but not enough…shrugs but it is just the opening and my boo Alcide will always make me watch….lol

    • apple

      Too many story lines! But I’m happy Tara is back and bad ass ! And alcide is so hot lord!!

  • Tati

    I just did that was the best tease I had in years

  • chanela

    Nah i don’t watch porn. plus their accents get on my nerves and the show is just overall stupid,bootleg looking and terribly overhyped.

    • Vee

      I feel the same way about this show too.I honestly couldn’t get past the 5th Episode of the 1st season.

  • overseas_honeybee

    Yes!!! Love the show. A little behind but catching up on DVDs.