At approximately 11:32 p.m. Friday night, a Seattle woman was walking along a sidewalk when she was sexually assaulted by a man pretending to be a police officer, reports KiroTV.com. Seattle PD is currently looking for him and asking for information leading to his arrest.

The man identified himself as an undercover detective and asked the woman for identification. Initially ignoring him, she began to walk away, but he stopped her, displaying what looked to be a badge. That is when he pushed her into an alley and sexually assaulted her, before quickly fleeing the scene, according to police.

“It’s terrible, it’s discomforting living on this street,” said Sean Scott, a resident in the area. “I’d love to see him caught tomorrow, locked up, taken care of. Obviously, what he did is terrible.”

According to KiroTV, “police described the suspect as a Hispanic man, 5-feet 9-inches tall, 30 to 40 years old, clean cut, with short dark curly hair, a stocky build and no accent.”

This is not the first time that a so-called officer of the law has sexually assaulted an innocent woman, but in the case of Police Officer Ladmarald Cates, his badge was authentic.

After a brick was thrown through her window and someone began kicking at her front door, a 19-year-old Milwaukee mother of two called 911. Cates was one of the officers who responded. He gave the woman’s boyfriend $10 to go to the store to get water, because he only drank “bottled water” and didn’t want it from her refrigerator. After her boyfriend left and the other officer went outside to speak with witnesses, all hell broke loose:

Cates grabbed the back of her head by her hair and sodomized her. Then he raped her.

The woman had to go through through all kinds of hurdles before 1) she was even believed, and 2) she received any semblance of justice for what was done to her.

Bottom line, ladies: Just because someone claims to be an officer of the law does not mean we should place blind trust in them.

Hopefully the coward in Seattle also pays for his crimes.

*Anyone with information about the incident who may know the identity or whereabouts of the suspect is urged to call 911 or the Seattle Police Sexual Assault Unit at 206-684-5575. Anonymous tips are welcome.*


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