The gun rights debate is a contentious issue in our country. While some contend our Constitution’s second amendment gives all citizen the “right to bear arms,” many others feel that provision was never meant for average citizens, but rather a “well regulated militia,” that in this day in age, is no longer needed.

While guns are about as American as apple pie, our neighbors around the world doesn’t always agree with our somewhat liberal gun policies that allow most adults, barring those with legal trouble, to carry a gun.

Recently, I got into a conversation with a non-American friend about the U.S. and our penchant for firearms. Although he has a permit to carry a gun for work, he didn’t understand why Americans were so gaga over guns and why our government makes it so easy to own them.

With so many gun deaths per year, and situations like the tragic shootings of Trayvon Martin and 13-year-old Darius Simmons, who was murdered by his neighborhood while he took out the trash, in my mind, it’s hard to see how arming all citizens makes us safer.

In responsible hands, guns are no more dangerous than a baseball bat, but in the clutches of someone with faulty decision-making or ill intent, a gun can cause someone’s world to come tumbling down.

But what do you think…should Americans even have guns or should we move toward ridding them from our society? 

Let’s talk about it! 

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  • Lola

    UK – 6.2 guns per 100 people 3rd lowest gun crime rates in the developed world

    USA – 88.8 guns per 100 people (number one) highest gun crime rates in the developed world

    To me it seems obvious less guns, less gun deaths, if someone bullies me i’ll find a way to solve the problem that doesn’t involve threatening them with a gun!!!!

    Also….Switzerland’s gun death rates are not that low, just check this link


    • MKrv

      The only reason why the uk has lower gun crime is because nearly no one can own one in the uk vs us where almost anyone can, that invalidates your argument, also uk has much higher murder,rape, burglary, and home invasion rates than us ever will, next time do your research before you say something stupid.

  • Lola

    “The only reason why the uk has lower gun crime is because nearly no one can own one in the uk vs us where almost anyone can, ”

    Yeah so don’t allow “almost anyone” to own a gun. mimic UK gun ownsership laws mimic UK gun death rates.

    I would rather have an increased potential of being robbed if it decreased my chance of being shot and killed.

    rape rates in the US are higher than the UK.

    • MOZ

      Washington D.C. has a murder rate of 89.4 people per 100000 with its gun ban and Virginia with our liberal gun laws the murder rate is 3.4 people per 100000. Based on statistics you lose. And it seems like a great idea to outlaws guns so that only people who are willing to break the law can have them because people who break the law can always be trusted. Can you please find a number of rape victims that where armed I dont recall ever hearing about a women with a gun falling victim to anyone.

    • MOZ

      Lets just outlaw guns so that only law breakers may have them that sounds intellegent. And you can be robbed with a knife.

    • MOZ

      If you really believe that guns are so bad please post a sign on your door and front lawn expressing your dislike for guns and tell people that you dont own any. But we both know you dont have that courage.

  • apple

    i am antiguns i rather no one and i mean no on on earth have a gun. because guns were made for one reason: to kill.. with a knife at least do other things like cut food or make something but a gun serves no other purpose. most of history couldn’t have happened with out guns, how else could they have got the land from the natives and enslave the blacks, you think they could do that with their fist? or if every one had weapons of the same match? and samuel colt just made it easier (i don’t know if that was his point?)..guns which gate way to war weapons, atomic bombs, just keep upping the ante on what can destroy more and more. and then there is the street gun violence, everyday in my city 3-7 men being killed a day,imagine if they had to use their fist, imagine if they had to use something as personal as a knife? most wouldn’t have the balls/anger to stab someone while getting their blood all over their member or have a loosing chance of getting the knife out of there hand. with a gun ,it isn’t personal, you can shoot and walk away.
    but of course i’m naive, i rather have a world that is utopian, where no one kills each other and everyone gets alone.
    so fine shoot your guns, clench on for dear life..i just hope never to be the victim or user of one.

    • MOZ

      If you take an impartial look at history government gun bans have never protected anyone or saved any lives. And as for your neighborhood how many people who arent criminals bear arms. Criminals will be armed grow up arm yourself and be responsible for your own safety because i promise u there is no batman or superman to save you.

    • MOZ

      Please stop spreading ignorance on the internet by the way. The M-16 which the military uses today came from the civilian AR-15. The AR-15 and M-16 use a .223 bullet which is illegal to hunt with because it cannot cause a sufficient amount of damage to be deadly, they just cause pain to animals with out death. The round is so small because it was NEVER DESIGNED TO KILL ANYTHING. It was designed for target shooting. This is why most special operations teams use weapons calibered in atleast a 6.8mm round, which is larger and is mean to have more stopping power.

      The military also went to a 9mm bullet because they said the larger .45 ACP round which was used in WWI and WWII, was inhuman because damage was less treatable. So a person saying guns are ment to kill obviously just has the TV verson and knows really nothing about guns. Get the facts please.

    • MOZ

      In Mocadeshue, Africa when Black Hawk Down occured the soliders where hitting people with the standard .223 rounds that where NEVER MENT TO KILL so combatants were getting up and killing americans with their AK-47 7.62mm rounds which are more dangerous and considered inhuman by NATO.

    • buddhaflow

      Imagine a scenario where a small framed, physically weak female is attacked by four large, strong, unarmed men who intend to rape/rob/kill her.

      Can you think of a better means for her to protect herself than with a gun?

  • MOZ

    Everyone who reads this article please reasearch the GUN BAN in New Orleans which preceeded all of the looting and crime. It was not publicized by the government because of all of the problems that it caused. Check it out for yourself disarming people hurts.

  • CJ

    Ok… so the government cant control cocaine shipments from coming into this country. So lets ban guns… I think the criminals are gonna get the guns in just like they get the cocaine in. Now what?? Only criminals have guns and the rest of us will be called victims… Enough said!