Solange Knowles is tired of all the conversation surrounding her hair and she let loose on the Twittersphere about the issue, reports StyleBlazer. After going natural years ago, she has become the focal point of the hair revolution that has rocketed through Black America. Often compared to her older sister Beyonce, who is known for her long, flowing blonde weaves, Solange has struggled to define herself as an individual and refuses to now be defined by some narrow perception of “otherness.”

See tweets below:


The article that she is referencing comes from Moderne Meid, who says that not only does she love Solange’s style, but that she, too, is aware of  hair hypocrites who instead of relaxing and frying, try to tame, twist, braid and butter their tresses into “curly, good hair”:

Solange does not have the same hair as other ‘natural hair idols’ such as Corinne Bailey Rae, Esperanza Spalding or Tracee Ellis Ross. She is really holding her own. Those ladies are doing well too actually, sporting their own hair and being confident with it…

I’m just going to say it straight. I believe there is a bias in the natural hair community when it comes to certain hair types and hair lengths. I believe there is a hierarchy. Those with bigger and/or longer hair seem to get a lot of praise for it. I guess because it’s not seen as often? I guess it’s because people aspire to obtain that for themselves?

If Solange’s hair would have been longer, would she have had more oohing and awing? Tracee Elis Ross, Esperanza Spalding and Corinne Bailey Rae tend to be regarded as natural hair icons, is it because they have long hair and/or curly hair? Why are not more tightly coiled naturals regarded as hair idols? Are there any tightly coiled naturals regarded as natural hair idols in the spotlight?


Weigh in, Clutchettes: Are black women really embracing natural hair, or is the quest for “good, curly hair,” the new relaxer?

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  • I feel her pain but she has to understand that if hair looks unkempt (whether relaxed or natural) which hers most of the time does, people will offer what they think are helpful tips which she can accept or reject

  • FelicityR

    I would just like to say that I don’t give a dang what anybody does to their head of hair. If you think it looks good, and you’re not killing yourself or anyone else in the process then I say, do you. These natural hair nazis make me sick, lol.

    *fluffs twist out and flips hair*

  • Allie K

    Clearly, Solange is having a moment! To start things off, Solange is the spokesperson for Carols Daughter’s Transitioning Movement. She plays a huge role in the natural hair community off the strength of that alone. In addition, I am sure she is getting paid for endorsing the brand so her complaints are null and void to me…NEXT

    I agree, initially Solange did have a hard time finding her own image outside of her sister, Beyonce. However she has truly blossomed into an independent, fierce young woman who can hold her own. Her sassy persona, funky style and undeniable beauty are simply amazing. I love the fact that her son Juelz is always by her side.

    But the commentary on the hair is just ridiculous…”hair hypocrite” who twist and braid to avoid natural hair patterns or put on a pretense of good hair? Rubbish, garbage, foolishness! How about manageability? When a Caucasian woman takes out a curling wand flipping and twirling her strands to Farrah Faucet perfection is she concealing her natural texture? When a Latina blow dries and flat irons her tresses to a silky smooth state is she denying her natural texture? When a woman puts on concealer, powder, gloss, blush and mascara for work is she hiding herself or enhancing her beauty?

    Real talk, ITS JUST HAIR!

  • cherese

    I will begin by saying that I am natural and the reason I decided to go natural, 3 years ago was because I was tired of relaxing my hair and conforming to “white america” standards of hair. After reading this article and the tweets I must say that I am saddened by the abundance of ignorance. #1- Solange statements are not even worth commenting on, they’re too ignorant. #2- for the person who commented on type 4 hair; you need to do your research before you speak on any matter, because type 4 hair does have a NATURAL curl pattern, and with proper care and moisture IT LOOKS AMAZING!!! You may see someone on the street with natural hair and it may be so curly that you may think it is type 3 hair but it really is type 4! #3- Natural isn’t for everyone, thats fine. But if it isn’t for you, do not speak negatively about it, that’s just common courtesy. Lastly, how long are we as black women going to tear one another down???? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! We should be embracing one another’s differences as well as similarities! Isn’t it bad enough that other cultures don’t accept us for who we are?? BLACK WOMEN, GET IT TOGETHER!

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