Date night is something that couples, whether married or not, need in order to keep things interesting and fun. The movies, restaurants and museums can often become boring after a certain amount of time. Surprise your man by suggesting that you two go to a strip club together. You will be amazed at how much fun the two of you will have.

Yes, I know for the more “conservative” types out there think that this may seem a bit outlandish, but I dare you to step outside of your box by trying something with your mate that you never thought about before. Consider this, wouldn’t you rather go with him then have him go on his own or with his boys? Going to the strip club with your man is not only a turn on, but it shows how secure you are in your relationship. Get him a lap dance and vice versa. He will look at you in a whole new light that you will absolutely love.

Once you open up this door, you will allow your man to be more open with you about his fantasies and desires. The fact that the two of you can share the strip club experience, and have a blast while doing it will make him appreciate the relationship the two of you have even more than before.

Going to the strip club with your man is becoming more and more popular, especially with celebs. I see tons of pictures on the web of couples having a night out in the strip club. The carefree, go with the flow atmosphere is refreshing for both parties. Just know that you can’t go with an uptight attitude. If you are going to walk in there thinking that no one better touch your man, or you for that matter, than you might as well stay home. Even if the lap dance thing isn’t for you, you can both simply enjoy the show.

Taking pole dancing classes is something that more and more women are doing in order to spice things up in the bedroom. Why not learn from the pros and use some of the moves you see in the club in the privacy of your home. You may be thinking that the pole dancing instructors are pros, but trust me the moves that are done in the strip club are very different from what you learn in class.

Be open-minded and don’t knock it until you try it. You will be astonished at how this form of “bonding” will bring the two of you closer together.

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  • Renee

    1. i see comments saying stuff like the dehumanization of women – if women want to strip, they want to strip. feminism is the choice to be whatever woman you want to be and these women want to take of their clothes for money. that’s not dehumanization, that’s free will.

    2. i’m not anti/for the idea but i can see both sides. it can be a lot of fun because strippers ARE very athletic and talented likewise if you’re the jealous type, then watching your man ogle other women will infuriate you. just do what makes you happy.

    • isolde

      You know what, it aint worth the lecture. I’ll just say this . . . the choice to strip doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Anyone who thinks that women usually resort to sex work out of mere free will is kidding themselves.

  • Pseudonym

    “You will be astonished at how this form of ‘bonding’ will bring the two of you closer together.”


  • Kanyade

    First ESSENCE mag says to go to the strip club to find a man. Now CLUTCH mag says to go to the strip club to keep up a good relationship/sex life with your man. This parallel could only mean one thing: CLUTCH mag, YOU HAVE FINALLY HIT THE BIG TIME! *cues confetti*

  • me

    I don’t see the big deal…… to me its the black version of going to see vegas show girls. You and your dude can just watch the stage show and have drinks…..its really not that serious. Just because you go on occasion doesn’t mean adopt a lifestyle of corrupt morals.

  • isolde

    You know, I don’t like how this piece is couched in political rhetoric. There are liberal and conservative women alike that have beef with strip clubs. Please believe that Laura Bush and Michelle Obama would probably react the same way if their husbands suggested a trip to the booty bar on date night.

    This piece would’ve gone over a lot better if the author had said, “Hey, I went to the strip club with my man. I liked it, and here’s why,” and then left it at that. I could get behind that. Instead, she’s suggesting that women that aren’t down are uptight, and that if you really wanna prove your liberal bonafides, ladies, you’ll overlook all that problematic ish about that you may have with the strip club and take one for men’s team. Oh, and you’ll be glad you did.

    Way to go, Risa! Now you get the dubious honor of being that chick on Clutch that wrote that wackadoodle piece about spicing up your love life by riding shot gun with your man to the player’s club . . . (to watch dem gurlz shake somethin’. We be clubbin’) LOL